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Having trouble finding a sponsor Ryan 04-11-2014
Meat flavoring Rita 04-11-2014
Dinosaurs in the Bible Anonymous 04-09-2014
Cohabitation D.M. 04-09-2014
Parental guidance Katy 04-07-2014
Attending Mass Terri 04-07-2014
Premarital agreements Anonymous 03-31-2014
Down Syndrome and religious life Mike 03-28-2014
Bishop's vestments DML 03-28-2014
Yoga class Cheryl 03-26-2014
Lent Debbie 03-26-2014
Mercy Sunday LMF 03-24-2014
RCIA candidate's marriage validity Howard 03-24-2014
RCIA sponsorship Peter 03-24-2014
Blessed Mother Rosemary 03-19-2014
Attending Sunday service Vanance 03-19-2014
Confession Chantilly 03-19-2014
Communion blessing for non-Catholics Eric 03-19-2014
Fasting L.R. 03-14-2014
Living together prior to wedding Judie 03-14-2014
When a family member marries J.G. 03-14-2014

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