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Invalid marriage Lorna 04-17-2015
Mass for a deceased person Pat 04-17-2015
Communion for Episcopalians Debbie 04-14-2015
Divorce Sue 04-14-2015
Sleeping in the same room Louis 04-14-2015
Baptism denied Steven 04-14-2015
Marriage issues Anonymous 04-09-2015
Saints for women Patricia 04-09-2015
Witnessing to extended family Valerie 04-09-2015
Offering of Masses M.C. 04-08-2015
Chrism Mass L.R. 04-08-2015
Jesus' Resurrection C.B. 04-08-2015
Homosexuality Kay 04-08-2015
Paranormal TV shows Sherry 04-08-2015
Brown scapular Scott 04-08-2015
Confession Arthur 04-07-2015
Communion for divorced Catholics Susan 04-07-2015
Communion in a crowded church Tim 04-07-2015
Annulment Chris 03-19-2015

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