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Re: Homosexual Marraige Paul 03-29-2015
Re: Death Penalty Paul 03-29-2015
Teri Shivo Pete 03-29-2015
Souls of the victims of abortion LQJ 03-29-2015
Methods of abortion Michael Petek 03-29-2015
Abortion and the Mother's life. Anonymous 03-29-2015
What to do? marie 03-29-2015
Non-Catholic Marriage Joe 03-27-2015
Terri Schiavo and the death penalty Mary 03-25-2015
question chris 03-23-2015
NFP anon. 03-19-2015
saints Pertunia Mpeete 03-17-2015
Ringing the bells during lent. Monica Olley 03-16-2015
Our Father during Mass Jennifer 03-16-2015
scripture PH 03-16-2015
saints gloria 03-16-2015
spouse/older parent Patty Dawson 03-16-2015
Holy communion Paul Jimenez 03-16-2015
Miss Sunday mass Jason 03-09-2015
Inducing early labor angelica 02-27-2015

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