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Mother Mary shannon clement 07-17-2014
Shopping David 07-17-2014
? Neanderthal man. Bible explantian. Philomena Zito 07-17-2014
gender anon 07-17-2014
Birth control and the Hobby Lobby court ruling. Mary A Williams 07-14-2014
Thank you Anon 07-14-2014
Meditation Anon 07-11-2014
Ducks Anon 07-11-2014
general questions Pat Seng 07-11-2014
re: prayer Dorothy Lemont 07-11-2014
prayers for healing Marie Aceto 07-06-2014
canon law SPS 07-06-2014
Prayer C. Jimenez 07-06-2014
Meditation Cindy Doering 07-06-2014
healing masses anonymous 07-06-2014
God's Love Anonymous 07-06-2014
Is The Mass Valid when Rose Smith 07-06-2014
Receiving the Eucharist more than once/day L.Cross 07-06-2014
Power of Jesus Jerry 07-06-2014
1st cousin marriges lisaa 07-06-2014
The Pope and the Mafia -continued Mary 07-06-2014
8th Weeks Pregnant, Yolk Sac seen, no foetal pole seen, no heartbeat, subchorionihaemorraghe noticed Andrea A 07-02-2014
Re: Mary's "The Pope and the Mafia" Austin 07-01-2014
Pregnant lesbian daughter Puzzled 07-01-2014
Fatima and Akita James C 06-30-2014
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