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RE: Synod Steve B 10-17-2014
talking points Joanne 10-17-2014
Synod Mary 10-17-2014
Pro-life issues Barbara 10-17-2014
Re: Synod Rich 10-17-2014
Synod Rich 10-14-2014
Re:re:Sex and Pregnancy Fiona 10-13-2014
Re: Sex and pregnancy gloria 10-12-2014
The divorced and re-married Mary 10-10-2014
Infertile Couple lroy 10-10-2014
Sex and Pregnancy Anonymous 10-09-2014
Governor in Massachusetts lroy 10-09-2014
re: family synod linda 10-07-2014
Local elections FrankV 10-07-2014
Communion in the hand 2 FrankV 10-06-2014
Local voting anon 10-06-2014
Family Synod Mark 10-06-2014
Communion in the Hand FrankV 10-04-2014
Mary of Agreda The Mystical City of God Hastings 10-04-2014
Receiving the Eucharist on the hand Barbara Wells 10-04-2014
First Friday mass Nielle 10-04-2014
Catholic Church celebrating homosexuality Rich Johns 10-04-2014
St. Patrick's Parade Elizabeth M. 10-04-2014
Vaccines Elizabeth M. 10-04-2014
rosary rosary 10-04-2014
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