Prayers fo guidance
Leukemia Patient
Vow of Purity
Healing and vocation
three prayer requests
prayer request
Mend my broken heart
pray for mother who is experiencing an ectopic pregnancy
Prayer of Salvation
need for surgery recovery
Prayer for those that are handicap
In thanksgiving
Prayers for Newly Diagnosed Cancer
elderly mother dementia,daughter panic attacks
Please join me in praying to sell my truck
Prayer for Husband
Prayer Request
Physical healing for Maxx
Thank you!
Cindy really hurt her knee
cancer healing for Alice H
Prayers for Rita
Request for prayers
A Potentially Lost Soul
Thanksgiving for answered prayers
pray for me, a sinner who begs for help
Pray this baby is spared from abortion
Back Surgery
special intentions
Miraculous intervention
Your Prayers Are Needed
Healing Prayers for Wendy
prayer request
Doctor's appointment
You Shall Honor Your Mother and Father.
Prayers for My Mother
fell from roof
Great anxiety
Urgent help
Request for Prayer
problems at my kids' school
Prayers for safe trip
Prayers for safe trip
Prayers for Rosemarie
Prayers for Sue J.
Prayers for Jeff's healing
Relief from depression
Prayer for 30 year old brother
Prayers for Chet
Request for prayers
Request for prayers
Healing for 2 days old baby (Chrisanna)
Healing for my mom
prayers for Ken
prayers for Alex sm
prayers for james m c
Prayers for Cindy
Prayer for relative who is feeling sad and lonely.
thanksgiving and prayers for healing
Pray for A Blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas to All....
Urgent Prayer request
Request for Prayer for Healing for my wife Dee Dee (Delores)
Job Search
Prayers for Beth
Macular degeneration
Heart surgery
Prayer Request
for marital difficulties
breast cancer
Sciatic Nerve Damage
Relief from depression
Prayers for my two sons: Frank and Joseph
Pray for S.D., and our family and friends....
Prayer for nephew
Prayer for nephew
losing faith
peace and love
Former co-worker went missing...Pray for Erich
Request for prayers
Request for prayer
Desperately need full time job.
Request for prayers
Prayers for Collette
prayers for Chris
Cancer treatments, radiation, surgery
birthday: GOD
prayers for my sister's late husband Ken
Please Pray For Me
Healing request
prayers for Sharon and family
Prayer needed.....
Please pray for.....
Request for Prayer for My family
Request for Prayer for my relationship
For My Son (EJ)
Zacary. 11 torn ligament at school yesterday
Collen broken leg
Good housing & roommates for Justin
Prayer Request for Friend's Father
Medical Tests
Prayers for a struggling family
Prayers for Ashleigh G.
Healing Request
Urgent Prayer Request for the Right Job Now
cancer surgery
Sacred Heart/World Meeting of Families
6 year old diagnosed with terminal cancer
Please pray for my husband
Request for Prayer
prayer for my cousin Anne and myself
Stray Kitten
Prayers for Marlene
I Love My neighbor as myself for the love of You.
Prayers for Althea
Prayers of healing for John H.
Family needs
Monks and Family
Co-Worker's Fiance
Request for Prayer
My husband's job
Healthy Pregnancy
Faith for Angela
Prayers for Jose jr.
Deceased family
health and church
My Mother
Convert Juan Jose Diaz
Successful CAT scan
Pray for Jae
death in family
deep healing of soul
Prayer request
Daughter needs prayers!
salvation of souls in my family, relatives, friends,the whole world
Prayer for healing.
Gary depression
Prayer for Whole World:
Auto Immune disease
Request for Prayer
Love for Enemies
For those in my family who need to return to the Catholic Church
For all the souls in Purgatory and lost souls who have no one to pray for them.
job for my husband
Prayers for Anne
Repose of Soul for Darrell H.
Prayers for Gwen N.
Repose of the Soul for Marietta C/
Request for Repose of Soul for Glennys A
Chronic pain
Marriage Restoration Today
Prayer Life
Prayers for healing
For Elana
God's Will
Request for prayers
Pray for Pat for Discernment regarding ear surgery.
Request prayers for Anne M.
Prayer for sisters
Repose of Soul for Arlene H.
Prayers for my father, Joseph
Prayer Request for Physical Healing
Prayer Request
Prayers for departed
Prayer for nephew
Prayer for nephew
protection from St. Michael
Prayers for the repose of Gina's soul and for her family
Prayers for Chad
Heart surgery for Chris
Prayer for nephew
Illness, anxiety, emotional pain, career
Prayers for Johnny, Sarah b and others
Son addicted and hopeless
Prayers for Irene
daughter tooth extraction
I love my neighbor as myself
Please pray for my friend Joe H.
healing and recovery
Help. Need prayers mega mega
Prayers for safe delivery
What to do when kids lie to you
Urgent Mass Requests for Friend
Urgent Prayer Request for the Right Job Now
Prayer request
treatment for alchoholism
Prayer for mother's mammogram
Panic attacks
Thank you, Lord.
Husband Passed May 20. Selling home buying trailer
Grandsons in Tampa FL
workplace bullying
Engagement blessing
Peaceful family holidays
My Dying Aunt who also has mental health problems
Prayers for my newborn niece GiGi
marriage restoration/spousal healing
marriage restoration/spousal healing
Christmas celebration
daughter overwhelmed
diagnosis of liver cancer
Anxiety & Health Worry
Prayers for Maria
Request for Prayers
Repose of the Soul in Purgatory
My girlfriend's conversion
Prayers for Martha
Prayers for Kathy & Taylor
Fervent prayers for parents
7 year old on a ventilator
Prayer for Daughter
Salvation of Cedric
Request for prayers
Request for prayers
Request for prayers
please help me i am so alone
prayer requests
prayer requests
Please pray for my mom
Stomach pains
broken heart
need financial miracle
I need prayers
Request for prayer
Request for prayer
Prayers for my grandson to open his eyes
Urgent Prayers Needed for Michael/s wife
Prayers for Marge D.
In thanksgiving for prayers answered
Prayers for Gina G.
Request Prayers for Barbara C.
Request Prayers for MaryAlice
Request for prayers
Prayers downstairs neighbors move out
Please Pray for All Saints
Request for prayers
Prayer For Sue
Urgent prayer request
Daughter losing herself to drugs sex and chasing the world.
Prayers for Family….
Deliverance from addictions
Unborn Grandchiild
Prayer Request
Mothers healing / sales of a house / a new job / i ask fot it all in Jesus Holy Name
potential loss of job
Prayer for health
Pray for my father.
Request for healing from the frequent headaches
Please pray we can have a baby naturally
Cynthia, Kel, Pat and all those with cancer & everyone who cares for them
Mother Angelica, EWTN and all good Catholic Broadcast
Husband Stress At Work
Marriage Restoration and help against spiritual enemies
Uncle Cancer Surgery
please pray for ...
Prayers for Maddie
Need God's strenght
Prayer Request
Prayers for Irving
Request for Prayer
Prayers for God's provision for Beth
Prayers for Angela
For relief of depression for my friend
My Father
Pray for my niece and her baby
Fervent prayers for healing
Request for prayers
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Prayers for Ashley and son Duncan
Request Prayers for Joseph
Total Back Surgery for Bunn
Prayers for my mother Rosary for health problems
Family Blessings 27
7 year old
Miraculous intervention
Prayer Request
Request for prayers
For my brothers FERNANDO and ALEJANDRO
For FLO that he will be blessed in his business endeavors and that he will be able to pay his debts
prayer requests
My sister on dialysis
prayer for bowels to move
Healing, Job Security, Peace, Love
Missing Autistic Child
So many people ask me to pray for them. Please join me.
Overcome smoking addiction
Prayer for nephew
salvation and healing
Litigation and Financial Battles
My mom's health
My teenage son
A Suicide Victim
For healing of Lupus and good outcome regarding a work situation.
healing and recovery
Prayer for my healing of high blood pressure
Prayers for Shirley
Thanksgiving for Prayers Answered
Prayers for healing.
Request for prayers
Request for prayers
Request for prayers
healing and strength
Single Mom Needs Prayers PLEASE
Request for Prayers for Dee Dee & Tom
Request for Prayer for John & Michelle
Request for Prayers for Pete, Erica & children
Mysterious illness
Abortion minded pregnancy
Prayers for My Aunt Gerry
I humbly say thank you.
Thank everyone for your prays. God's blessing upon everyone
suicide threats
my granddaughter's recovery
Cancer surgery Steve Wilson
Healing for David
Prayers for Jim
Prayer Request
Prayer for nephew
Lord, have mercy on us all.
Healings / for sales/ money / blessings /
Prayer for Dave & Pam, join the consecrated religious life, Deaconship
Prayers for my son
Prayer for Kel who has returning Cancer
Prayer for my Son
Prayer for nephew
for my Mom Cathy
baby aria healing
For my family
My students
employment prayer
Prayer for Guidance
Prayers for Don and Joan
for successful testing
brain surgery
Father and Son
Prayers for my son Vincent.
Radical Conversion
healing of illness
Please pray that I have a good job interview
prayers for a successful outcome
for my family
cancer surgery for Beppe
Prayer Request
Marriage and Family
Prayers for Valentine
Prayer for family
Healing and Guidance Prayers
Catholic Campus Ministry in Danger of Shutting Down
Irate Realator wants to sue 67 yr old widow
Prayers for Mr. Chavez
Prayers for Son
Prayer for my son
Marriage Restoration
Physical and spiritual healing/financial help/job/Persecution in the workplace
prayers for Sean
Prayers needed for Kenny
Nancy has pneumonia COPD and heart problems in hospital
Ron open heart surgery just had bladder cancer surgery serious needs prayers
Hard 4old lady to read some submit codes
San Antonio,Texas.
Request for prayers
Son with Mental Illness
Return to the faith of daughter
Prayer that I get this job I interviewed for
for 14 yr old Dominique
Cherom success
prayer - Maine - Oct 15th
Prayer for Daughter
Serious heart surgery for Br. Christopher
Request for prayers
Request for prayers
Return to faith
Abortion minded pregnancy
Prayers for Baby Girl
Wife in hospital
Prayer for nephew
Prayer for Daughter
Prayers for Alice O'D
Anxiety over job hunting
Prayer Request
Two Serious Illnesses
My Dad's Health
Prayer for Healing and Hope
Prayers for Maxx
Request for prayers
Pray for my Brother
please let him return
Prayers for Hugh
Difficult situation
67yr old Widow of 4mo after 49 yrs of marriage
healing for my family
13 year old hung himself
for my Dad Paul B., healing
Family and Friends
Lord Bless Samantha
Prayers for Stephanie
Healing Prayers
Pray for my Daughter
Anxiety and worry
For intentions of my seven day fast
Deliverance of Family members from psychic Influences
Wisdom and Discernment on handling Charlene's Etate
Healing Miracle of the Heart for Marsha
Prayers for Beatrix
Prayer for Marriage Issues
Prayer for daughter
Unsolved Murders
Prayers for Suicide & Potential Suicide Victims
Profile candidate- Governor (Corbett) in PA
Marriage, baby, domestic abuse
Daughter #2 needs much more urgent prayers
Prayer for my baby girl
Friend who used to pray for my boyfriend's conversion now tempting him into adulterous relationship
Prayers for Rick
Fr. Benedict
Still Sick. Need Prayers and
Thank you St. Jude and the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Broken heart
Prayer for healing
School Threat
suffering daughter
Request for prayers
Please pray for friends boyfriends mother sick with cancer
Healing of My Husband
Daughter In Law
Thanks for prayers & more intentions
Prayers for employment
Prayers for daughter and family
Request for prayers
For Brother's family
financial miracle / no guardian/ full independence
Urgent Prayers Needed for Son - PLEASE!!!!
Prayers for Michele
Request for Prayers
Depression and anxiety
Please join me in asking God and St. Anthony for help
Need prayers to make it through....working 8 days in a row
Prayers needed to reunite hearts
prayers for Tony
Prayers for peace in my life
Prayer for new job
Prayer Request
Prayer Request
prayers to heal broken relationship
Prayers for 90th birthday of Uncle & Prayers for Greg
Pray for my family
New Job
+Prayers for derek
Need Job Now
Repose of Soul Fr Benedict G
famly protection and health
home purchase
Prayer for the return of my love
Protection and Healing
Sleep at right times and good, restful, restoring sleep.
Miracles for deliverance and restoration now
health of dog
Prayers for daughter and granddaughter
Prayers for Irmine R.'s mother who is dying.
Healing and peace
Both Daughters Diagnosed with Cancer THIS WEEK
Prayer for nephew
They have me working 8 days in a row....pray for me
Please pray for the conversion
prayer for Aurora for exams
healing for my mom Gregoria
Prayers for Krista
Finding of Suitable Apartment
Prayer for nephew
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Business & health
Fervent prayers
prayers for healing
Crime not commited
Prayers for Leukemia Patient
Tired of the Job Hunting Blues
Prayers For Jay
More Prayers For Mom
Prayers For Mom
twisting of scripture by department head in catholic school
Prayers needed for husband
Help. No answers to requests 4 your prayers HELP
Desperate for justice in employment situation
Hardships due to husband's poor health
quick recovery from surgery
Thanksgiving and Submission to God's Will
Safe Travels
Tests for cancer
prayer of healing for aurel
Request for prayers
Prayers for my baby
Prayer for Rosario
Prayer for Alice
Prayers for Scott
Christmas Celebration
Prayers for my brother-in-law, Jack.
Husband's safe return
Special people
For obtaining God's favour
Request for prayers
Thanksgiving that Shadrach was not abducted
That my son SJAY will graduate from his high school and that he will pass all college entrance tests
Healing of Sickness and emtional distress
For health, safety & protection of Frank K.
For health & safety of niece Holly pregnant with 2nd child
JMJ, St Raphael please pray for child Shelley to regain sight
Prayers for Pat
even more prayer requests
more prayer requests
several prayer requests
Please pray for my friends for healing
Please pray for a difficult family matter
Request for Prayer
Prayers for my sister Jill and niece being born today.
Healing & Forgiveness of Sins
Heart operation on 1 week old baby boy named Ethan
Healing a Marriage
Aunt with terminal cancer
surgery tomorrow morning
Prayers for Aubrey, heart surgery
for my family
Please pray for this cloud of depression to be replaced with happiness
Blessing in her Future
Daughters marriage
Bless my daughters
abortion stopped prayers answered
Prayers for My Aunt
multiple intentions
employment and work place injustices
Request for prayers
child with brain tumor
Marriage and Family Restoration and debt reduction
Family and Friends
Souls in Purgatory
Dream Prayer Request
For the Sick and Struggling Souls
Continued Prayers Appreciated
Prayers Greatly Appreciated
Pray to get me through the next 4 days of work...and....
Fervent prayers for healing
Prayers for son
Thank You for Daughter's Job

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