Live Catholic Headlines from the Last 30 Days
Taken from: Catholic News Agency, Vatican Information Service and ZENIT
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17-Apr-14:Pope Is Bringing Human Trafficking Into Public Eye, Ambassador Says (N)
17-Apr-14:Vatican To Launch Webpage Detailing Work Of Popes On Women (N)
17-Apr-14:Pope Francis: Kiss The Crucifix, Kiss The Wounds Of Jesus (N)
17-Apr-14:John Paul II: A Man Indispensable To The Fall Of The Soviet Union (N)
17-Apr-14:Holy See Testimony On Torture A UN Treaty Obligation, Spokesman Notes (N)
17-Apr-14:Colo. Parish Looks To John Paul II In Family-focused Initiative (N)
17-Apr-14:Denver Archbishop Rallies Coloradans Against 'Extreme' Abortion Bill (N)
17-Apr-14:Obama Says Pope Francis Is A Reminder Of Human Dignity (N)
17-Apr-14:New English Discernment House Hopes To Help Vocations Flourish (N)
17-Apr-14:Expert Says Social Media Changes Are Evangelization Opportunity (N)
17-Apr-14:Meditations for Good Friday's Via Crucis Led by Pope Francis (Z)
17-Apr-14:Jesus Has Left Us to Be Servants of Each Other, Says Pope Francis at Mass of Lord's Supper (Z)
17-Apr-14:At Chrism Mass, Pope Reflects on a Priest's Joy (Z)
17-Apr-14:President of Care Home Says Francis' Visit Reflects a Church That 'Wears an Apron' (Z)
17-Apr-14:Thousands of University Students Meet in Rome During Holy Week (Z)
17-Apr-14:Syrian Patriarch Pleas for Help After Bomb Lands on School Playground (Z)
17-Apr-14:UK Bishops Respond to Calls to Publicize Family Synod Questionnaire (Z)
17-Apr-14:Pro-abortion Legislation Fails in Colorado (Z)
17-Apr-14:Good Friday Declared National Holiday in Cuba (Z)
17-Apr-14:U.K. Should be Unashamedly 'Evangelical' About Its Christian Faith, Says British Prime Minister (Z)
17-Apr-14:'May Jerusalem be the Capital of the World!' (Z)
17-Apr-14:Good Friday Homily: Jesus the Bridegroom (Z)
17-Apr-14:Today's Homily: He Began to Wash the Disciple's Feet (Z)
17-Apr-14:The Loss of Mystery and the Loss of Childhood (Z)
17-Apr-14:Notice for English Speaking Pilgrims in Rome This Holy Week (Z)
17-Apr-14:Pope's Homily at Chrism Mass (Z)
16-Apr-14:General Audience: Francis Says Resurrection Is Not the End of a Beautiful Fable or Film (Z)
16-Apr-14:Francis Wishes Benedict XVI a Happy 87th Birthday (Z)
16-Apr-14:Easter Triduum With Pope Francis (Z)
16-Apr-14:Vatican to Present Report in Geneva on Sex Abuse Crimes (Z)
16-Apr-14:Vatican Secretary of State Remembers Martyrs (Z)
16-Apr-14:Iraqi Patriarch Hopes Easter Season Inspires End to Suffering in Country (Z)
16-Apr-14:Maltese Parliament Passes Same-Sex Civil Unions Bill (Z)
16-Apr-14:Lay Founder of a Hospice Moves Closer to Canonization (Z)
16-Apr-14:Marco Roncalli: I Will Tell You About My Uncle, The Saint (Z)
16-Apr-14:On Holy Week (Z)
16-Apr-14:Happy 87th Birthday Benedict XVI (Z)
15-Apr-14:Pope Francis Will Give Gospels To The Imprisoned For Holy Week (N)
15-Apr-14:'I Can't Leave My People': Priest Killed In Syria Hailed As Martyr (N)
15-Apr-14:John XXIII And The Beginning Of The Fall Of The Iron Curtain (N)
15-Apr-14:Pope Expresses Solidarity, Comfort For Fire Victims In Chile (N)
15-Apr-14:Amid Backlash After Resignation, Mozilla Says It Respects Diverse Views (N)
15-Apr-14:Colo. Senate Considers 'Extraordinarily Broad' Abortion Bill (N)
15-Apr-14:Legion Of Christ Names New North American Head (N)
15-Apr-14:Pope to Seminarians: We Have Too Many 'Half Priests' Who Fail to Imitate Jesus (Z)
15-Apr-14:Pope to Send Pocket-Sized Gospels to Roman Prison Detainees (Z)
15-Apr-14:Pope Sends Passover Greetings to Jewish Community of Rome (Z)
15-Apr-14:Pope Sends Message of Consolation to Victims of Wildfire in Chile (Z)
15-Apr-14:Official Images of Sts. John Paul & John XXIII Released (Z)
15-Apr-14:President Obama Recalls Visiting Pope Francis During Annual Prayer Breakfast (Z)
15-Apr-14:Denver Archbishop Praying at Capitol Today for Stop to Abortion Legislation (Z)
15-Apr-14:Nigerian Prelate Decries Boko Haram Attacks (Z)
15-Apr-14:Head of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church: God Has Not Forsaken His People (Z)
15-Apr-14:Pope Francis Appoints 2 New African Bishops (Z)
15-Apr-14:Daily Homily: They Paid Him 30 Pieces of Silver (Z)
15-Apr-14:The Resignation of Mozilla's CEO; Catholics Should Be Worried (Z)
15-Apr-14:"Blessed" Instead of "Saint" (Z)
15-Apr-14:Pope's Address to Seminarians of Pontifical Leonine College of Anagni (Z)
14-Apr-14:Blossoming Religious Order In France Sees Global Impact (N)
14-Apr-14:Greatest Fruit Of WYD Has Been Vocations, Organizer Says (N)
14-Apr-14:One Victim Of Trafficking Is Too Many, Cardinal Emphasizes (N)
14-Apr-14:Pope: Meditate On Christ's Passion During Holy Week (N)
14-Apr-14:British Woman Appointed By Pope To Head Pontifical Academy (N)
14-Apr-14:Medical Care Must Consider Whole Person, Pope Urges Surgeons (N)
14-Apr-14:Human Life Sacred And Inviolable, Pope Francis Affirms (N)
14-Apr-14:Archbishop Chaput Extends Passover Greeting To Jewish Community (N)
14-Apr-14:Bishops Invited To Support 2014 March For Marriage (N)
14-Apr-14:Archbishop Urges Prayer, Action Against Colo. Abortion Bill (N)
14-Apr-14:HHS Secretary Sebelius, Face Of Contraception Mandate, Resigns (N)
14-Apr-14:Pontifical Council Considers Energy's Relation To Justice, Peace (N)
14-Apr-14:Australian Woman Given Papal Honors For Social Service (N)
14-Apr-14:Ambassador Launches Book On Padre Pio In Philippines (N)
11-Apr-14:Father Cantalamessa's 5th Lent Homily 2014 (Z)
11-Apr-14:Pope Calls for Protection of Unborn, Elderly (Z)
11-Apr-14:Francis: Look Out, Because the Devil Is Present (Z)
11-Apr-14:Francis Asks Forgiveness Because of Priests Who Have Harmed Children (Z)
11-Apr-14:Francis Sends Message to Venezuela's Dialogue (Z)
11-Apr-14:Canadian Bishops Ask, Why Do We Need a Savior? (Z)
11-Apr-14:Lebanon's New President Must Be 'Figure of Consensus' (Z)
11-Apr-14:Cardinal Delly Remembered for His Devotion to Iraqis During War (Z)
11-Apr-14:Myanmar Parliament Asked to Review Religious Freedom Law (Z)
11-Apr-14:Aid Given to Victims of Flood in Oceania, Solomon Islands (Z)
11-Apr-14:The Greatness of God's Passionate Love (Z)
11-Apr-14:Sunday Homily: Behold Your King Comes To You (Z)
11-Apr-14:Daily Homily: It Is Better That One Man Should Die (Z)
11-Apr-14:Holy See to UN: Would Be More Sensible to Focus Less on Reducing Fertility, More on Development (Z)
11-Apr-14:Holy Week and the Gift of Priesthood (Z)
11-Apr-14:Francis' Message to Venezuela (Z)
11-Apr-14:Pope's Discourse to the Delegation of the International Catholic Office of Children (Z)
11-Apr-14:Pope's Address to Italian Pro-Life Movement (Z)
11-Apr-14:Pope Apologizes For Priests' Sex Abuse, Promises Strong Response (N)
11-Apr-14:The Christian Life Is A Constant Battle Against Evil, Pope Reflects (N)
11-Apr-14:Pope Responds To Venezuelan Peace Talks Invitation (N)
11-Apr-14:Christian Unity: A Goal Common To John XXIII, John Paul II (N)
11-Apr-14:Bishop Laments Lack Of Charity In High School Controversy (N)
11-Apr-14:Catholic Hospitals Right To Reject Contraceptives, Doctors Say (N)
11-Apr-14:Priest Murdered In Nicaragua, Report Says (N)
11-Apr-14:Venezuelan Government Invites Vatican To Peace Talks (N)
11-Apr-14:John Paul II's Secretary: Pontificate Was Marked By Martyrdom (N)
11-Apr-14:Health Workers In West Africa Respond To Ebola Outbreak (N)
11-Apr-14:Colorado Legislation Threatening Decades of Pro-Life Work (Z)
11-Apr-14:Daily Homily: Here is My Servant (Z)
11-Apr-14:On Palm Sunday (Z)
11-Apr-14:Lead With Beauty (Z)
11-Apr-14:Pope Francis' Homily at Palm Sunday (Z)
9-Apr-14:Pope Starts New Catechesis Cycle on Holy Spirit (Z)
9-Apr-14:No More War! Says Pope Francis During Audience (Z)
9-Apr-14:Pope Sends Condolences at Death of Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly (Z)
9-Apr-14:U.S. Aid to Philippines Will Fund Humanitarian Assistance and Longterm Church Reconstruction (Z)
9-Apr-14:European Court of Human Rights Says Hungary Violated Religious Rights (Z)
9-Apr-14:Cameroon Archbishop Visits War-torn Central African Republic (Z)
9-Apr-14:Venezuelan Bishop Notes Concern Over Escalating Violence (Z)
9-Apr-14:On Wisdom (Z)
9-Apr-14:Daily Homily: Abraham Rejoiced to See My Day (Z)
9-Apr-14:10 Things I Did Differently This Week Because John Paul II Existed (Z)
9-Apr-14:Pope Francis' Telegram of Condolence on Death of Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly (Z)
9-Apr-14:Our Lives Should Have The Flavor Of The Gospel, Pope Observes (N)
9-Apr-14:Special Adviser Appointed To Vatican's 'Central Bank' (N)
9-Apr-14:Pope Francis To Make Two Pastoral Visits Over Summer (N)
9-Apr-14:Pope To Say Mass Of Lord's Supper At Rehab Center For Disabled Persons (N)
9-Apr-14:Christianity Is More Than A Survival Guide, Pope Insists (N)
9-Apr-14:Vatican Announces Logo, Motto For Papal Trip To Korea (N)
9-Apr-14:Pope Francis Reaffirms Importance Of Vatican Bank's Mission (N)
9-Apr-14:God's Mercy Goes Beyond Our Sin, Pope Francis Reflects (N)
9-Apr-14:Those Who Truly Seek Goodness Will Be Led To God, Pope Affirms (N)
9-Apr-14:University Course Highlights Role Of Media In Evangelization (N)
9-Apr-14:Transcript: Pope Francis' March 31 Interview With Belgian Youth (N)
9-Apr-14:Jesus Can Heal Deadened Hearts, Says Pope (N)
9-Apr-14:Pope Distributes Free Copies Of Gospels (N)
9-Apr-14:Work On Others' Behalf, Pope Tells Politicians (N)
9-Apr-14:Pope Francis Prays For Kidnapped Priests, Nun (N)
9-Apr-14:Pope Francis Recognizes Three New Saints Of The Americas (N)
9-Apr-14:John Paul II Saw Prayer As First Duty Of Pope, Reflects Cardinal (N)
9-Apr-14:Pro-life Congressman, Wife Honored With Notre Dame Award (N)
9-Apr-14:Court Upholds Ban On Religious Services In NYC Public Schools (N)
9-Apr-14:Francis Documentary To Be Shown At John Paul II Film Festival (N)
9-Apr-14:Supreme Court Declines To Hear Religious Freedom Photography Case (N)
9-Apr-14:More Young Women Choosing Health Over Birth Control (N)
9-Apr-14:Bishops Voice Abortion Concerns Over Affordable Care Act (N)
9-Apr-14:Holy See Emphasizes Family's Role In Poverty Eradication (N)
9-Apr-14:Over $100k Raised For Family Of Slain Catholic Husband, Father (N)
9-Apr-14:After Meeting Pope, Daughter Of Immigrants Reunites With Father (N)
9-Apr-14:Argentine Archbishop Defends Baptism Of Child With Lesbian Parents (N)
9-Apr-14:Brazil's Bishops Take Responsibility For Backing Junta (N)
9-Apr-14:Lawyers Warn Of Global Push For 'Gender Identity' Language (N)
9-Apr-14:Solomon Islands Bishops Seek Prayer, Support After Flooding (N)
9-Apr-14:Court Ruling On Philippines RH Bill Met With Mixed Responses (N)
9-Apr-14:Priest Murdered In Syria Witnessed To Christ's Love (N)
9-Apr-14:Twenty Years After Genocide, Church Helps Rwanda Heal (N)
9-Apr-14:Holy Land Bishops Urge Christian-Muslim Unity Against Extremism (N)
8-Apr-14:Pope Francis: "The Cross Is Not an Ornament" (Z)
8-Apr-14:Pope Francis Will Wash Feet of the Elderly and Disabled (Z)
8-Apr-14:Pope to WYD Organizers: Brazil Stole My Heart (Z)
8-Apr-14:Pope Says Bishop of Rome Needs His Brothers (Z)
8-Apr-14:Philippine Supreme Court Upholds Controversial Reproductive Health Law (Z)
8-Apr-14:World Reacts to Murder of Dutch Priest in Syria (Z)
8-Apr-14:Bishop McGrattan Named to Peterborough, Ontario (Z)
8-Apr-14:Virginia Bishops File Brief to Support Marriage (Z)
8-Apr-14:Documentary Released on Poland's Solidarity Movement Chaplain (Z)
8-Apr-14:Official Logo Released for Pope's Visit to South Korea (Z)
8-Apr-14:Daily Homily: The Truth Will Set You Free (Z)
8-Apr-14:Doubts, Difficulties and Disobedience (Z)
8-Apr-14:Penitential Rite on Easter (Z)
8-Apr-14:Pope Francis' Address to the Organizing Committee of WYD Rio de Janeiro 2014 (Z)
8-Apr-14:Pope Francis' Interview With Belgian Youth (March 31, 2014) (Z)
7-Apr-14:Religious Freedom and Same-Sex 'Marriage' (Z)
7-Apr-14:Daily Homily: Go And Sin No More (Z)
7-Apr-14:On Divine Mercy (Z)
7-Apr-14:The Path to Pope Francis' Much Beloved Virtue of Mercy (Z)
7-Apr-14:Cardinal Piacenza's Reflection for Lent: "The Meaning of the World Is a Person" (Z)
7-Apr-14:Pope Francis: God Forgives With a Caress (Z)
7-Apr-14:Pope Francis Reminds Faithful of Jesus' Words: "Whoever Lives and Believes in Me Will Never Die" (Z)
7-Apr-14:Pope Visits Roman Parish of San Gregorio Magno (Z)
7-Apr-14:Liberia's President Visit Pope Francis (Z)
7-Apr-14:Jordan King Visits Pope in Lead-up to Papal Visit (Z)
7-Apr-14:Pope Speaks to Bishops of Tanzania (Z)
7-Apr-14:Holy Father Approves Proposal on the Future of the Institute for the Works of Religion (Z)
7-Apr-14:Church in Africa to Pay Tribute to Popes John XXIII, John Paul II (Z)
7-Apr-14:Canadian Nun, Italian Priests Kidnapped in Cameroon (Z)
7-Apr-14:Dutch Missionary Priest in Syria Shot Dead (Z)
7-Apr-14:Big River of Freedom (Z)
7-Apr-14:Daily Homily: When You Lift Up The Son of Man (Z)
7-Apr-14:Angelus: What It Was Like to Be in St. Peter's Square on Sunday (Z)
7-Apr-14:A Glimpse of Lenten Tradition of the English-Speaking Faithful in Rome (Z)
7-Apr-14:Pope Francis' Address to Tanzanian Bishops (Z)
7-Apr-14:Pope's Homily at Roman Parish of San Gregorio Magno (Z)
4-Apr-14:Care For Poor Rooted In Gospel, Not Communism, Pope Affirms (N)
4-Apr-14:Those Who Follow Christ Will Face Persecution, Pope Observes (N)
4-Apr-14:Pope Entrusts Rwandan Reconciliation To Our Lady Of Kibeho (N)
4-Apr-14:Mozilla Head's Resignation Over Marriage Stance Sparks Outcry (N)
4-Apr-14:Audit Finds Increase In Child Protection, Decrease In Reported Cases (N)
4-Apr-14:Filmmakers Seek Support For Film On Abortionist Kermit Gosnell (N)
4-Apr-14:Archbishop Offers Prayers, Support To Fort Hood Victims (N)
4-Apr-14:La. House Passes Abortion Clinic Regulations To Protect Women (N)
4-Apr-14:Pope Sends Message Of Condolence After Earthquake Rocks Chile (N)
4-Apr-14:UN Registers Lebanon's Millionth Syrian Refugee (N)
4-Apr-14:Father Cantalamessa's 4th Lent Homily 2014 (Z)
4-Apr-14:Pope Interviewed by Belgian Youth Group (Z)
4-Apr-14:Pope Delivers Message to New Syrian-Orthodox Patriarch and All the East (Z)
4-Apr-14:Pope Francis: Proclaiming the Gospel Comes With Persecution (Z)
4-Apr-14:Pope to Meet With Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (Z)
4-Apr-14:Pope to Give Gospels to Faithful at Angelus (Z)
4-Apr-14:Vatican and Law Enforcement Join Forces Against Human Trafficking (Z)
4-Apr-14:Agreement Ratified Between Holy See and Cape Verde (Z)
4-Apr-14:Gypsies Must Feel Sense of Belonging, Says Senior Vatican Official (Z)
4-Apr-14:Joie de Vivre': What Is It Really? (Z)
4-Apr-14:Patriarch Condemns Vandalism at Marian Shrine Near Jerusalem (Z)
4-Apr-14:Love Conquers Death (Z)
4-Apr-14:Sunday Homily: I Am the Resurrection and the Life (Z)
4-Apr-14:Daily Homily: This Is the Christ (Z)
3-Apr-14:Pope Francis: Prayer Changes Our Hearts (Z)
3-Apr-14:Queen of England Visits Pope (Z)
3-Apr-14:Pope Francis Acknowledges Suffering in Rwanda (Z)
3-Apr-14:Victims of Chile Earthquake Receive Message From Pope (Z)
3-Apr-14:Francis Confirms New Eparchate of Kharkiv, Ukraine (Z)
3-Apr-14:#RememberJPII (Z)
3-Apr-14:Quebec's 1st Bishop Declared a Saint Along With Ursuline Nun Who Educated Girls in New France (Z)
3-Apr-14:Cardinal Nichols Returns to Birmingham for Celebratory Mass (Z)
3-Apr-14:Misuse of Word 'Persecution' Playing Into Hands of Extremists, Say Bishops (Z)
3-Apr-14:The 2 Most Effective Habits for Catholic College Students (Z)
3-Apr-14:Daily Homily: Let Us Condemn Him to a Shameful Death (Z)
3-Apr-14:Cardinal O'Malley Laments 'Xenophobic Ranting,' Says Immigrants 'Contribute Mightily' to Wellbeing of USA (Z)
3-Apr-14:Bishops Welcome Canonization of 2 Apostles of Canada (Z)
3-Apr-14:A Gathering That Needs Our Support (Z)
3-Apr-14:Statement From Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land (Z)
3-Apr-14:Pope's Address to Bishops of Rwanda (Z)
2-Apr-14:Pope Takes Theological, Practical Look at Marriage (Z)
2-Apr-14:Francis Marks Today's Anniversary of John Paul II's Death (Z)
2-Apr-14:5 Years After Earthquake, L'Aquila Gets Papal Message of Hope (Z)
2-Apr-14:Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski Pens Message for World Autism Day (Z)
2-Apr-14:Christian Man Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy in Pakistan (Z)
2-Apr-14:More to Know About John Paul II (Z)
2-Apr-14:On the Sacrament of Marriage (Z)
2-Apr-14:Daily Homily: John Testified To The Truth (Z)
2-Apr-14:Holy See to UN: No Need to Reinvent the Wheel; Family Is Solution to Poverty (Z)
2-Apr-14:Remarriage, Divorce and Communion: Patristic Light on a Recent Problem (Z)
2-Apr-14:Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski's Message for World Autism Day (Z)
1-Apr-14:Pope Urges Faithful Not To Lose Apostolic Zeal To Spiritual Sloth (N)
1-Apr-14:My Life Is Changed, Says Homeless Woman On Rome Pilgrimage (N)
1-Apr-14:LA's Little 'Ambassador' To Pope Recalls Encounter (N)
1-Apr-14:Pope Francis Shapes Vatican Finances Under Advice From His Cardinals (N)
1-Apr-14:Child's First 1,000 Days Critical To Future Health, Experts Say (N)
1-Apr-14:Former President 'Grossly Misunderstands' Catholic Teaching (N)
1-Apr-14:Vietnamese Archbishop Could Begin New Era Of Vatican Diplomacy (N)
1-Apr-14:Pope Francis: Sloth and Formality Paralyze Apostolic Zeal (Z)
1-Apr-14:Francis Meets With Salesian General Chapter (Z)
1-Apr-14:Pope's Prayer Intentions for April Released (Z)
1-Apr-14:Pope Gathers Curia Leaders to Discuss Implementation of Evangelii Gaudium (Z)
1-Apr-14:Bishops Celebrate Mass at US-Mexico Border in Remembrance of Migrants Who've Died in Desert (Z)
1-Apr-14:Church Burned Down in Northern Nigeria (Z)
1-Apr-14:Political Representatives Reject Accusations Against Egyptian Monks (Z)
1-Apr-14:Official Web Site Launched for Pope's Visit to Holy Land (Z)
1-Apr-14:Psychologist Reflects on Recently Launched Commission on Protection of Minors (Part 2) (Z)
1-Apr-14:Daily Homily: The Father Loves the Son (Z)
1-Apr-14:Chrism Mass During Sede Vacante (Z)
31-Mar-14:The West and Modernity (Z)
31-Mar-14:On Coming to the Light (Z)
31-Mar-14:The Dilution of the Family in Human Rights (Z)
31-Mar-14:Pope Francis: We Must Open Ourselves to Christ's Light (Z)
31-Mar-14:Pope Meets With Syrian Nuncio (Z)
31-Mar-14:Pope Francis: Faith Puts Us on Path Toward God's Promise (Z)
31-Mar-14:Blesseds John XXIII and John Paul II: A Celebration of Sanctity (Z)
31-Mar-14:Mass at US-Mexico Border to Highlight Plight of Migrants (Z)
31-Mar-14:2013 Audit Finds Dioceses Spending More on Child Protection, Fewer Allegations Made (Z)
31-Mar-14:Former Rector of Rome-Based English Seminary Appointed Bishop (Z)
31-Mar-14:Supreme Court Declines Early Review of Priests for Life Case Against Contraception Mandate (Z)
31-Mar-14:Psychologist Reflects on Recently Launched Commission on Protection of Minors (Part 1) (Z)
31-Mar-14:Pope's Homily at Reconciliation Service of '24 Hours for the Lord' (Z)
31-Mar-14:Francis' Address to Salesians' General Chapter (Z)
31-Mar-14:Pope's Address to Apostolic Movement for the Blind and the Little Mission for the Deaf and Mute (Z)
28-Mar-14:Father Cantalamessa's 3rd Lent Homily 2014 (Z)
28-Mar-14:Pope Francis: God Never Tires of Forgiving Us (Z)
28-Mar-14:Francis Starts Festival of Forgiveness by Going to Confession (Z)
28-Mar-14:Pope Francis: Confession Is Not a Court of Condemnation (Z)
28-Mar-14:President of Evangelization Council: 24-Hour Festival of Forgiveness Receiving 'Enormous Support' (Z)
28-Mar-14:Pope Francis Meets with President Karolos Papoulias of Greece (Z)
28-Mar-14:Armagh Priest to Run From 'Bann to Boyne' in Support of Lenten Campaign (Z)
28-Mar-14:Spokesman Says Preparations for 4th Papal Visit to Jordan in Full Gear (Z)
28-Mar-14:Former Vatican Bank Chief Cleared of Wrongdoing (Z)
28-Mar-14:Father Hans Zollner: Church's Work to Stop Sexual Abuse Must Be Longterm Commitment (Z)
28-Mar-14:Daily Homily: Be Merciful To Me A Sinner (Z)
28-Mar-14:Lent: Rejoice, the Goal Is Near (Z)
28-Mar-14:Sunday Homily: Live As Children of Light (Z)
28-Mar-14:White House Offers Obama's Summary of Meeting With Pope (Z)
28-Mar-14:Pope Francis' Address to Apostolic Penitentiary (Z)
27-Mar-14:Obama Meets With Pope At Time Of 'tense' Relations With Church (N)
27-Mar-14:Schedule For Pope's Holy Land Visit Released (N)
27-Mar-14:Pope, Obama Discuss Relations Between Church And State (N)
27-Mar-14:Minor Protection Group Shows Collaboration With Jesuit Center (N)
27-Mar-14:Immigration Advocates Give Pope Letters From Children (N)
27-Mar-14:Change In Annulment Process Could Lead To 'Grave Damage' (N)
27-Mar-14:Bishops Say Cesar Chavez Film Shows Catholic Social Justice (N)
27-Mar-14:Philippines And Vatican Release Pope Francis Postage Stamps (N)
27-Mar-14:President Barack Obama Meets Pope Francis (Z)
27-Mar-14:Pope's Itinerary for Holy Land Visit Released (Z)
27-Mar-14:Pope Francis to Meet with Bishop Tebartz van-Elst Tomorrow (Z)
27-Mar-14:Pope Francis: Open Your Hearts to God (Z)
27-Mar-14:Vatican to Lead Parishes Worldwide in 'Festival of Forgiveness' (Z)
27-Mar-14:Grants to Support NFP Training in Latin America, Migrant Ministry (Z)
27-Mar-14:Bishops, Catholic Charities Support Senate Bill to Reform Jail Sentencing (Z)
27-Mar-14:Abuse Survivor Chosen as Member of Commission for Protection of Minors (Z)
27-Mar-14:Daily Homily: The Lord Our God Is Lord Alone (Z)
27-Mar-14:Pope to Italian Parliament: It's so difficult for a corrupt person to turn back... (Video) (Z)
27-Mar-14:Pope to Obama: This gift isn't from the 'Pope' but from Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Video) (Z)
27-Mar-14:Pope Francis meets with President Obama (Video) (Z)
27-Mar-14:Pope Francis's Schedule During Visit to the Holy Land (Z)
27-Mar-14:Vatican Statement on Pope's Meeting With Obama (Z)
26-Mar-14:German Bishop Accused Of Luxurious Lifestyle Resigns (updated) (N)
26-Mar-14:Holy Orders Fosters A Passionate Love Of The Church, Pope Notes (N)
26-Mar-14:Culture Of Exclusion Sacrifices Children, Elderly, Pope Warns (N)
26-Mar-14:Women Rally Outside Supreme Court For Religious Liberty (N)
26-Mar-14:Supreme Court Justices Divided On HHS Mandate Argument (N)
26-Mar-14:Contraception Mandate Case Argued At US Supreme Court (N)
26-Mar-14:Colombian Archbishop Worried About Disappearances Of Youth (N)
26-Mar-14:UK Fetal Incineration Scandal Prompts Calls To Respect Life (N)
26-Mar-14:English New Evangelization School Consecrated To Mary (N)
26-Mar-14:Pope Francis: Priests, Bishops Who Do Not Pray Become a Mediocrity that is Not Good for the Church (Z)
26-Mar-14:Pope Accepts Resignation of Controversial German Bishop (Z)
26-Mar-14:Pope Expresses Condolences at Death of Former Spanish PM (Z)
26-Mar-14:Pope Encourages Islamic-Christian Group Studying Common Devotion to Mary (Z)
26-Mar-14:US President Barack Obama to Visit Pope Francis Thursday (Z)
26-Mar-14:"A New Ecumenism" (Z)
26-Mar-14:Text of Cardinal Burke's March 24th Speech to Catholic Media Symposium (Z)
26-Mar-14:Commission for the Protection of Minors Puts Victims First (Z)
26-Mar-14:Lawyer, Religious Freedom Advocate Analyzes HHS Hearings (Z)
26-Mar-14:Do Business Owners Forfeit Religious Freedom? (Z)
26-Mar-14:Irish Diocese Respond to Pope's '24 Hours for the Lord' Initiative (Z)
26-Mar-14:British Pro-Life Peer Decries Burning of Aborted Babies to Heat UK Hospitals (Z)
26-Mar-14:A Truly Judicial Fiat (Z)
26-Mar-14:Bishop Conley Tells Why He's Written Pastoral Letter on Contraception (Z)
26-Mar-14:On the Sacrament of Holy Orders (Z)
26-Mar-14:Daily Homily: The Kingdom Of God Has Come Upon You (Z)
25-Mar-14:Pope Lauds Mary's Meekness On Feast Of The Annunciation (N)
25-Mar-14:Archbishop Underscores Beauty, Joy Of Family Life (N)
25-Mar-14:Pope Francis Gaining Interest Of American Publishing Houses (N)
25-Mar-14:Contraception Disrupts 'Language Of Love,' Bishop Conley Teaches (N)
25-Mar-14:Knights Of Columbus Wins Prize For Ethical Business Practices (N)
25-Mar-14:Jesuit School's Dean Finalists Faulted For Planned Parenthood Ties (N)
25-Mar-14:Chile's 'Day Of The Unborn Child' To Recognize Pregnant Mothers (N)
25-Mar-14:Global Symposium Aims To Educate Media On Religious Liberty (N)
25-Mar-14:Pope Francis: 'Salvation Cannot Be Bought Or Sold, It Is a Gift' (Z)
25-Mar-14:Pope Invites Italian Archbishop to Prepare Via Crucis Meditations (Z)
25-Mar-14:Pope Francis Sends Message to South Sudan (Z)
25-Mar-14:Preparations Underway for World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia (Z)
25-Mar-14:Priests for Life: Supreme Court Case a 'Moment of Biblical Proportions' (Z)
25-Mar-14:Ministry to Lapsed Catholics Launches Call to Confession (Z)
25-Mar-14:Archbishop Chaput: World Meeting of Families Will Be Time of Joy and Grace (Z)
25-Mar-14:Papal Message Encourages Peru's Pro-Life March (Z)
25-Mar-14:Daily Homily: I Have Come To Fulfill The Law (Z)
25-Mar-14:Bishop Conley Releases Pastoral Letter on Contraception (Z)
25-Mar-14:Michigan Bishops Respond to Court's Overturn of Voters' Marriage Amendment (Z)
25-Mar-14:Renowned Theology Scholar Issues Strong Critique of Cardinal Kasper's Speech on Marriage (Z)
25-Mar-14:Mixing Ashes of the Dead (Z)
24-Mar-14:Marriage as the Cause of Civilization (Z)
24-Mar-14:Daily Homily: Wash and Be Clean (Z)
24-Mar-14:On the Encounter with Christ (Z)
24-Mar-14:Lent and the Road Less Traveled (Z)
24-Mar-14:Vatican Launches Astronomy Class For Parish Educators (N)
24-Mar-14:Pope: Only The Humble, Marginalized 'Obtain Salvation' (N)
24-Mar-14:Pope Decries Escalating Violence In South Sudan (N)
24-Mar-14:Upcoming Day Of Reconciliation Announced By Pope (N)
24-Mar-14:Pope Appoints Canon Law Expert To Council For Economy (N)
24-Mar-14:Pope Institutes Commission For Protecting Minors (N)
24-Mar-14:New Confirmation Program Aims To Transform Catholic Youth (N)
24-Mar-14:South Carolina Abortion Ban Could Protect Pain-capable Unborn (N)
24-Mar-14:Pope Francis Expresses Solidarity With Victims Of Mafia Violence (N)
24-Mar-14:Nigerian Catholics Risk Violence, Lives To Attend Mass (N)
24-Mar-14:Central African Bishop Seeks Hope, Forgiveness Amid Carnage (N)
24-Mar-14:Pope Encourages Participation in "Festival of Forgiveness" 28-29 March (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope Francis: The Passion of Jesus is the Greatest School for Healthcare Workers (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope Underlines Importance of Marriage "Without Ambiguity" (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope's Address to Members of Media Association "Corallo" (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope Names Members of Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope Francis: Christian Humility Means to Recognize Oneself a Sinner (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope Calls on Mafia to 'Convert and Cease to Do Evil' (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope Names English Monsignor to New Council for the Economy (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope Francis: Mercy is Greater than Prejudice (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope Francis Receives President Jonathan of Nigeria (Z)
24-Mar-14:Cardinal Burke: Cardinal Kasper's Talk on Marriage Met With Disagreement (Z)
24-Mar-14:Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in Religious Freedom Case (Z)
24-Mar-14:Daily Homily: I Am The Handmaid Of The Lord (Z)
24-Mar-14:"We Must Act Now on Assisted Suicide Bill" (Z)
24-Mar-14:Cardinal Caffarra Expresses Serious Concerns About Family Synod Debates (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope Francis meets with Jonathan Goodluck, president of Nigeria (Video) (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope Francis meets with president of Vietnam's parliament, Nguyen Sing Hung (Video) (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope's Angelus: Jesus was not afraid of the prejudices of His time, and talked to a woman (Video) (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope Francis' Address at Prayer Vigil for Mafia Victims (Z)
24-Mar-14:Pope's Condolence Telegram for the Death of the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch (Z)
21-Mar-14:Father Cantalamessa's 2nd Lent Homily 2014 (Z)
21-Mar-14:Pope Francis: Unemployment Wounds Human Dignity (Z)
21-Mar-14:Pope Francis: Humility and Prayer Are Necessary to Obey God's Word (Z)
21-Mar-14:Pope Francis Receives President of Malta (Z)
21-Mar-14:Pope Francis Meets with Montenegro's President Vujanovic (Z)
21-Mar-14:Vatican Apostolic Library To Digitize 82,000 Manuscripts (Z)
21-Mar-14:Blessed Newlyweds Pose for Papal 'Selfie' (Z)
21-Mar-14:John Paul's Youth Center Prepares for Founder's Canonization (Z)
21-Mar-14:Bishop McMahon Appointed New Archbishop of Liverpool (Z)
21-Mar-14:Lent: the Meeting of Two Thirsts (Z)
21-Mar-14:Daily Homily: God Will Cast Our Sins Into The Depths Of The Sea (Z)
21-Mar-14:Sunday Homily: Give Us The Water of Eternal Life (Z)
21-Mar-14:Malawi Bishops Make Firm Rebuke of Resurfacing Political Violence (Z)
21-Mar-14:"The Church that Engages in Sociology" (Z)
21-Mar-14:Pope Francis: God's Word Lives Through Humility, Prayer (N)
21-Mar-14:Labor Upholds Human Dignity, Pope Says (N)
21-Mar-14:Down Syndrome Researcher's Sainthood Cause A 'Witness To Life' (N)
21-Mar-14:Dominican Bishop Of Nottingham Transferred To Liverpool (N)
21-Mar-14:UK Prime Minister Denounces Sex-selective Abortions As 'Appalling' (N)
21-Mar-14:English Bishop Exhorts Faithful To Be Charitable Online (N)
21-Mar-14:Marian Musical Performed At Sri Lankan Basilica (N)
20-Mar-14:Pope Francis: Those Who Trust in Themselves Lose Their Identity (Z)
20-Mar-14:Flannery O'Connor: 50 Years Later (Z)
20-Mar-14:Cardinal Marx: Ukraine Crisis Prompts Reflection on Church's Commitment to Europe (Z)
20-Mar-14:Russian Orthodox Church Issues Statement on Crisis in Ukraine and Crimea (Z)
20-Mar-14:Fortune Magazine Names Pope "Greatest World Leader" (Z)
20-Mar-14:Pope Francis Invited to Saint Pius X Celebrations (Z)
20-Mar-14:Bishops Concerned Over Growing Tensions in Burundi (Z)
20-Mar-14:A New Cathedral in the Heart of the Muslim World (Z)
20-Mar-14:Daily Homily: They Sold Joseph For Twenty Pieces of Silver (Z)
20-Mar-14:The Gift of Life (Z)
20-Mar-14:Cardinal Marx's Speech at Opening of COMECE's Spring Plenary (Z)
20-Mar-14:Rely On God Alone, Pope Encourages In Homily (N)
20-Mar-14:Pope May Give Opening Lecture Of Italian Bishops' Assembly (N)
20-Mar-14:In Sister's Memory, Student Raises Funds For Disabled Children (N)
20-Mar-14:US Bishops Designate St John Paul II National Shrine (N)
20-Mar-14:Ark. Judge Strikes Down Heartbeat-based Abortion Ban (N)
20-Mar-14:Bishops' Spokesman Urges More Humane Immigration Policy (N)
20-Mar-14:Chicago Cardinal In Hospital With Flu-like Symptoms (N)
20-Mar-14:Young Nun Wows Judges On Italy's 'The Voice' (N)
20-Mar-14:Filipinos Continue To Recover From Typhoon Haiyan (N)
19-Mar-14:Saint Joseph The Model For Educators, Pope Teaches (N)
19-Mar-14:Interfaith Leaders Launch Effort Against Human Trafficking (N)
19-Mar-14:Worldwide Christian Persecution A Growing Trend, Report Shows (N)
19-Mar-14:LA Archbishop Blesses Immigration Reform Advocates Going To Vatican (N)
19-Mar-14:Cardinal Encourages Lenten Prayers For Venezuela (N)
19-Mar-14:Ukrainian Catholics Experiencing 'Total Persecution' In Crimea (N)
19-Mar-14:Benedict XVI Sends Pope Commentary On Early Interview (N)
19-Mar-14:Underground Chinese Bishop In Shanghai Dies At 97 (N)
19-Mar-14:Pope Francis: St. Joseph Helped Jesus Grow in Wisdom, Age and Grace (Z)
19-Mar-14:Pope Francis to Plant 1st Virtual Olive Tree at the Vatican (Z)
19-Mar-14:Pope Emeritus Wrote Critique of Papal Interview at Francis' Request (Z)
19-Mar-14:Bishop Warns Against Slander, Lack of Charity on Social Media (Z)
19-Mar-14:Mass Aid Marks 15 Years of Publication (Z)
19-Mar-14:Patriarch Rai to Lebanese Government: Stop War of Attrition (Z)
19-Mar-14:Cardinal Turkson Praying for Peace in South Sudan (Z)
19-Mar-14:Syrian Bishop Warns of Psychological Toll of Conflict (Z)
19-Mar-14:On St. Joseph (Z)
19-Mar-14:Daily Homily: Blessed Is the Man Who Trusts in the Lord (Z)
19-Mar-14:In the Central African Republic, a Broken Society Awaits Healing (Z)
19-Mar-14:In Honor of St. Joseph: An Excerpt From John Paul II's 1989 Redemptoris Custos (Z)

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