World Youth Day - News



 ROME 8/15 (EWTNews) Pope John Paul II looked incredibly vibrant as he welcomed hundreds of thousands of singing and dancing youth from around the world to Rome celebrating the 15th World Youth Day. The Holy Father addressed the young people in successive appearances in two of the capital's largest squares -- St John Lateran and St Peter's Square. Reports stated there were at least 300,000 people in each of the areas, making for some of the largest crowds ever gathered in the center of the capital. Large television turbo-trons linked the two crowds in the squares.

At one point at St John Lateran, the Holy Father put down his script as the youth chanted ``Viva il Papa'' for some 10 minutes. Not wanting to leave the youth gathered at St. John Lateran, the Pope traveled by "popemobile" through the streets to St. Peterís Square, the second venue. During the event, the Vatican fire department sprayed water over the crowd in St Peter's Square to keep people cool in the hot afternoon sun.

The six days of World Youth Day festivities conclude on Sunday with a Mass expected to top 1.2 million in attendance on the Tor Vergata campus of Rome University on the city's borders.


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