World Youth Day - News



Attended by Two Representatives from Each Episcopal Conference

VATICAN CITY, AUGUST 11 ( World Youth Day will be preceded by the 7th International Youth Forum, which will be held in Rome from August 12-15 and includes youth representation from every Episcopal Conference around the world. Additional participants include delegates from various Catholic youth groups, movements, and associations and people who work with youth pastoral care and will attend the sessions as "observers". .
The theme of the event, which was organized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, presided over the Cardinal Francis Stafford, was taken from John Paul II's June 29, 1999 letter, which referred to his pilgrimage to places connected with the history of salvation. "To all, I say: Let us follow in Christ's footsteps!"
The delegates will write a message to the youth of the world, which will be read in the presence of the Holy Father during the World Youth Day.


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