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Member of Pontifical Council for the Laity, Responds

VATICAN CITY, AUGUST 11 ( For five days, a man, 80 years old will hold the attention of more than one million youth. This is anything but easy to understand, for this "star" of youth neither sings, nor dances, nor beats speed records in the 100-meter dash. And it is not the first time either that he has held the attention of young people from around the world. Why are the youth attracted to him? Why do they listen? It is because the man is Pope John Paul II who offers both the young and the old alike a message of Life.

What will His Holiness say to the youth of the world when he meets with them in Rome on 15th World Youth Day? This question was posed to Bishop Renato Boccardo, who for the past decade has headed the Youth Office of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, and previously served the Holy See in important Apostolic Nunciatures. Bishop Boccardo stated, " The central message will be the proclamation of the Church's faith in God made man, Emmanuel, God with us. This faith then becomes a commitment in daily life for the youth. It will be their task to take on important responsibilities in society and the Church in the third millennium that is just beginning."

In preparation for World Youth Day, the young priest from northern Italy added, "The Pope already announced what he will say when he chose the theme of the World Day and sent the traditional message he writes a year ahead of time to prepare youth for the event. Over the last few days, at different times he has stressed the importance of this celebration, inviting the young pilgrims to be well prepared and telling them he awaits them in Rome."


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