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Feedback : Your Messages and Images



Dear EWTN,
Thank you very much for your coverage. My children found your coverage while channel surfing during a "Batman" cartoon. They stopped and watched. We all watched. It was beautiful. God Bless you for all that you are doing. It is a great day to be a Christian.

John C. and Family, Santa Maria, CA



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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you a thousand times over for bringing this to us on EWTN and the WEB! We are praying for all the pilgrims in Aus and from EWTN and all over the US and abroad. God is Great and miracles abound!

Pax always Pax, Valerie and Michael P.



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I am enjoying your coverage of World Youth Day. My son is there and your broadcasts allow me to see a little of what he is experiencing. It is all so very exciting.

Thank you!
Pat C.



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Dear EWTN Family,
From the moment, our Holy Father Benedict spoke "Peace be with you", a reverent hush fell over the entire mass of young people. The youth KNOW "Peter- Among -Us" is with them in our Pope Benedict. What I see in these young people is nothing short of miraculous. Their joyful, humble, informed, and loving obedience to Christ and His Church gives the world hope for the future. Thank you for allowing the rest of the world to experience the glorious joy of WYD2008. Yours in Christ through Mary,
Bobbette D.



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To Mother Angelica and EWTN Staff,
Thank you for the WORLD YOUTH DAY 2008 coverage from Sydney, Australia and welcoming the Pope to their country. Thank You for your coverage, especially the Stations of the Cross. Absolutely AWESOME. BEAUTIFUL.




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Wow! I want to thank EWTN for your awesome coverage of WYD08! I was so blessed to watch the absolutely amazing portrayal of The Stations of The Cross. It ws perfect for our youth-dramatic and so moving!!!!!

God Bless EWTN staff!
Charlotte, NC



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Hello Thank you for your excellent coverage of Our Holy Father's visit to Australia. Without your transmission we would not have had any information on the joy of the youth and the work of the Holy Spirit in that part of the world. We have been watching your transmission over the internet.

May God Bless EWTN and all at WYD,
Donald N.



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My wife and I and my mother-in-law just finished watching the stations of the cross. So powerful and moving. What a wonderful call to introspection of our own lives and how we follow Christ.

Sincerely in Christ,
The Reynolds Family



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We wish to thank EWTN for the wonderful coverage of the WYD. i have watched it from the begining and have felt blessed for that gift. Keep up the good work, you are in our prayers.

God Bless You All
Joan and Mary Ann
Batavia,New York.



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Amazing production! I couldn’t turn off the Stations of the Cross last night; it ran past 3AM here (I work at 8AM each morning). This was the second night in a row my attention has been drawn to this coverage. I can only imagine how God would smile upon all those who worked so hard to make these events such a success and how pleased He would be with the life changing impact to so many individuals across the world (Myself Included).

All the Honor and Glory to Our Lord Christ,
Mark M.
Eden Prairie, MN (USA)


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I just wanted to thank you for having complete coverage for the WYD events in Sydney this year. I am a 17 year old from the Diocease of Joliet in IL, and being able to see the joy, excitement, and catholicity of our Catholic Faith in my own generation is a great blessing! And not only this, but being able to see Fr. Mark's interview about vocations was a great inspiration to me in my own discernment of the priesthood and religious life. Thank you again, and my prayers are with all of you as you are Down Under for World Youth Day 2008! May God bless and protect you always in all of your endeavors!

Sincerely in Christ,

Joe M.



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To all at EWTN;
Thank you for a wonderful coverage of this wonderful event. The opening Mass was great and the Popes voyage down the river to Sydney has been fantastic. The colors are so bright, just like if you were right there. I have two members of my family as pilgrims, so it is very exciting to feel like you are right there with them. I also have attended four of the past WYD events, my last one in 2000 in Italy. Thank you for making the events available for those of us who cannot be present. Keep up the great work and coverage of this event and all the others that you cover as well.

May God bless you always.



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Dear Fr. Mark and Doug,
Thanks for the awesome coverage of this wonderful WYD2008 in Sydney! The interviews, the pictures, the discussions, the music, the super coverage, the exuberance that your commentations promote-- all of these have brought the wonders of this Catholic Experience and the beauty of the Love of Jesus and the inspirational work of the Holy Spirit to us with such joy and excitement. Thank you EWTN for your coverage of this monumental event--you have brought this wonderful universality that we are as the Body of Christ into my home and life. You have enriched my spirit and my soul. God Bless you all for the work of the Lord that you do so well. And God Bless Mother Angelica, for without her visions this would never have been possible.

Blessings, gratitude and love,
West Palm Beach FL



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Blessings to all!
THANK YOU for the FANTASTIC COVERAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL of it has been BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! Pope Benedict XVI is such an inspiration!!!!! We know that his holiness will fill the hearts of all attending World Youth Day----especially our young adults!


Angels surround you,
Darrell and Deborah


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Hello Mate
It sounds so good, the coverage is great and it is so comforting to See all the young people there. I Thank the Lord for such an awesome Experience for the country, living here in San Diego, Calif. The coverage is Great and so rewarding to see, as youth minister and having sent 14 disciples I am so thrilled for all of this.

Keep up the good job
Norma S

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I am a mother of 7 and we are listening to the WYD coverage over the internet. It has brought goosebumps to us. I want to share with you the excitement generated clear across the world...when the Holy Father greeted the youth with the Sign of the Cross there in Sydney our toddler twins began cheering & waving their arms in the air with big smiles on their faces. It was spontaneous and must have been Holy Spirit driven because they did it a milisecond or few before we could here the crowd cheering over the internet. God Bless Everyone there!

Tina H. & family

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