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Feedback : Your Messages and Images



Thanks EWTN for amazing coverage of WYDSYD 2008, touching and moving hearts!

March on in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!





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Thank you Fr. Mark, Doug, Br. Luke and Br. Pascal, the WYD episode of LOTR was great and you all did so well in covering it from the Studio and live in Sydney. Thank you EWTN for the great coverage of the WYD. The stations of the Cross was very moving indeed and so inspiring to see the affect it had on the youth there.

God Bless you all,
Eugenie and Dave Walter Y., South Africa.



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Dear EWTN,
Thank you for your awesome coverage of the Pope's visit to Australia!! The filming and the commentary have been the best I have ever seen you produce! I thank God for our Church and our Holy Father as they, together with the Holy Spirit, make Christ's love and mercy come alive for all mankind. We are all truly uplifted and strengthened in our faith and hope as we are able to participate in prayer and thanksgiving with the entire Church as she continues to go forward and boldly proclaim the saving Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth!! Alleluia, Alleluia! Thanks be to God, Mother Angelica, and EWTN!

God Bless You All for all you do,
Diane W.
Palm Beach, FL



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Great coverage of WYD and wonderful commentaries by Fr Mark Mary and his guests. Over 100 youth from our Canadian diocese are there.


God bless,

Jim and Rose



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I am watching at the moment from Mangalore, India, the Pope's motor cade passing through the streets of Sydney.

It is simply wonderful and heartening to see how the people young and old alike waving at him with so much love and affection.  I also saw the  whole function live on EWTN and in between i was emotinally breaking down to see how the youngsters were happily reacting.  May God bless all the youth of this world.


With greetings

Galdwin P. & family


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Watching you from Australia, great coverage. Always watch you. Looking forward to the mass on Sunday.

Owen & Jeanette R.

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Dear EWTN,
I wish I could be at World Youth Day. I am twelve years old and i live in Australia. I am watching WYD on the TV at the moment and it looks fantastic! All my friends are at World Youth Day.

Sincerely yours,
Emma H.

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Thank you so much to EWTN for delivering this wonderful historic visit of Pope Benedict in Sydney to our homes. So proud as we have our 16 yr old daughter Lucy from King's Lynn, Norfolk , England touring and mingling with pilgrimages from all over the world. Will continue to tune in and experience this evangelisation and outpouring of the Holy Spirit on World Youth Day.

Thank you so much.

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My name is Jose D., I'm From Caguas , Puerto Rico and I'm seeing the program. I saw the opening mass too.

I went to Germany, 2005 and it was a fantastic experience. Good job.

Good night from Puerto Rico
God Bless us!!!

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Thank you for the terrific coverage. We have our son Charlie there with a group from Prescott, Arizona. What a blessing to experience with him some of the events he is witnessing.  Thank You again.     

Many Blessings,
Judy C. and Family 



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