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Feedback : Your Messages and Images



Dear Fr. Mark,


Thank you very much for reading this e-mail. I am a seventeen year old Catholic young man from the Arlington Dioscese of Virginia. I am very pleased by the amount coverage EWTN and Life on the Rock have shown about World Youth Day! The youth is the future of our awsome Church and I am very proud to be attending WYD '08.


Your Brother in Christ,


Joseph C.

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“It is such a blessing to be able to be part of the most important festival in the world.”


Catherine Burke

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“The momentum for World Youth Day is building and we know the Holy Father is looking forward to his travel to Sydney.”


Danny Casey, WYD08 Chief Operating Officer

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Dear Father,
Keep up the great coverage!  It's awesome to see the youth of the Church spreading God's Word, and living it as well.
Watch out for Holy Spirit boomerangs.
Atlanta, GA

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Hello to all at EWTN,
Excellent, awesome coverage of yesterday's events!!!  Thank you for this!!! I will continue to forward my comments along to my family & friends daily if possible regarding WYD. I'm one of your "older youth" ---60 this year, but am in love with our Catholic faith & with our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ!!!   

God bless you all,

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I have just been watching the openeing ceremony of His most Holiness Pope Benedict's visit to Australia.It was beautifull.At the end of his speech the Pope addressed the youths gathered there in several languages..But anyway the ceremony was so beautifull and I hope we see more of His Holiness's visit in Australia on EWTN.

God bless you all.



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Dear Brothers & Sisters,


Peace of Christ. My sincere thanks to Mother Angelica (EWTN) for making it possible for us to view the “WORLD YOUTH DAY” 2008 .We are very thankful to “Mother Mary” and “Our Lord Jesus Christ” for the wonderful services rendered by EWTN throughout the world, which is a great inspiration  for all of us.


Even though many of us were not in a position to send our children to participate in the “WORLD YOUTH DAY” 2008, we are happy that we could view the entire programme relayed by EWTN.  The inaugural ceremony was superb. The “Holy Father’s” visit was just another event we all were eagerly looking forward for, especially today (17.07.08) while the choir was singing “Receive the Power of the Holy Spirit“I was kneeling down with my head covered with a white veil, and as our “Holy Father” was blessing the crowd I felt a strong presence of the “Holy Spirit” tears started rolling down my cheeks. I once again thanked our LORD for his wonderful presence, and understanding, that even if I was not able to personally be there for the event, I know I too was blessed by the “Spirit of the LORD”. So this is a message which I would like to share with the entire world that, our God is a living god, and he understands our needs and hears our prayers.


God Bless all at  WYD2008.


Thanking you,


Diana R.

“Holy Spirit Church”

Ghala, Muscat

Sultanate of Oman


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Greetings from England!

Many thanks for EWTN coverage of the Holy Father's visit to Sydney. I'm a Catholic priest in England and I am most grateful as thousands are in this country for the coverage. We would not be seeing this great event otherwise. Thank you.

Regards and Prayers Assured,

Fr Peter M.

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Dear Everyone who gave any assistance in bringing us the Great Sydney Welcome to the Pope from Australia....Thank You!


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Dear EWTN's WYD2008 Team,



Thank you very much for your Live Program from WYD2008 Australia.


We pray for the success of your Team in this Event.


Best Regards,


Viranon Than.



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