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Same Sex "Marriage" lroy 06-27-2015
U.S. Supreme Court Legalizes Gay " Marriage " Tom Perrone 06-27-2015
Supreme Court Ruling Jim C 06-27-2015
Re: Death Penalty Follow-Up Paul 06-25-2015
spaying or euthanasia for pets dorothy mb 06-25-2015
Surgery Francisca 06-25-2015
ablation therapy anonymous 06-20-2015
Death Penalty Paul 06-20-2015
Re: Father Richard Rohr Paul 06-20-2015
Head Transplant lroy 06-15-2015
abortion and what we can do about it, is it everything we can do? Anonymous 06-11-2015
Excerpt from Novena of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ruth 06-09-2015
Tubal Ligation after 6 C-sections Bettina Garzaro 06-09-2015
Msgr. Vincent Foy Msgr. Vincent Foy 06-05-2015
Bruce Jenner Danny House 06-05-2015
In response to absolution of abrotion LCG 06-05-2015
Abortion Anonymous 06-01-2015
Who forgives the sin of abortion Debbie 06-01-2015
sierra club BJJB 06-01-2015
Birth control pills (mini-pill) Anonymous 05-28-2015

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