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Bible Sylvester Jijingi 11-19-2014
using recorded prayers Anonymous 11-19-2014
Renew Andy De 11-19-2014
Indulgences M murphy 11-19-2014
Who Goes To Hell Frankie 11-16-2014
Gods Dependance on Man Joseph 11-16-2014
Stealing lroy 11-16-2014
re-rosary making Irene 11-16-2014
re: making rosaries linda 11-16-2014
Angels lroy 11-16-2014
Prayer anonymous 11-16-2014
Worshipers serving legal papers on one another Jessie Mosley 11-16-2014
Sunday Obligation Rich Murphy 11-16-2014
Rosary making Oscar Castaneda 11-16-2014
People Stephan 11-16-2014
Best Type of Government Anonymous 11-16-2014
Suicide by the clinically depressed C.Elam 10-28-2014
St. Teresa of Avila prayer, Christ Has No Body Now But Yours Collette Juzang Bookman 10-28-2014
The Works of Gabrielle Bossis Rob Legrand 10-28-2014
Re: shape or form Katherine 10-22-2014

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