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"Storm" Anon 10-02-2015
Eucharistic Adoration Randy Shelby 10-02-2015
Neo-Catachumenate Way Suzanne 10-02-2015
Studying God Anonymous 10-02-2015
Requirements of PARENTS when their child is Confirmed Patrick 10-02-2015
Marriage Kuhullan 10-02-2015
sin Anonymous 10-02-2015
Documenting St. Augustine footnote John Goldberg 10-02-2015
"Father FrankV 10-02-2015
To Chris Huff on "calling men father" Daniel House 10-02-2015
divorce joanna 10-01-2015
Calling a priest father Chris huff 10-01-2015
Cohabitation Anonymous 10-01-2015
Idols Jennifer D 09-29-2015
Can God be called Dad Maria 09-29-2015
Bleeding Statues Elaine Pominville 09-29-2015
gay marriage and religious freedom Neil Haack 09-29-2015
Holy Spirit and being Catholic Kenny Figueroa-Vega 09-28-2015
annulment process and Pope Francis Bob 09-21-2015
Economy Rose 09-21-2015
Saints Lucia Bravo Simmns 09-15-2015
Demons Wendy B. 09-15-2015
Nines of Christ Sam J 09-15-2015
Reception of the Holy Eucharist Anon 09-15-2015
original sin robert kowalski 09-15-2015
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