Live Catholic Headlines from the Last 30 Days
Taken from: Catholic News Agency, Vatican Information Service and ZENIT
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21-Aug-14:Saudi Arabia's Highest Religious Authority Condemns Islamic State (Z)
21-Aug-14:Pope Tells African Nuns to Serve With an 'Undivided Heart' (Z)
21-Aug-14:Pope Francis Announces Theme of Message for 48th World Day of Peace on January 1 (Z)
21-Aug-14:Pope Meets With His Personal Envoy to Iraq (Z)
20-Aug-14:Black mass organizers face lawsuit over stolen Host (E)
14-Aug-14:Papal Envoy Meets With Officials, Displaced Persons In Erbil (N)
14-Aug-14:Korea Trip Fulfills The Dream Of The Seminarian Jorge Bergoglio (N)
14-Aug-14:Korea Joyfully Awaits Pope's Arrival, Charity's Local Branch Head Says (N)
14-Aug-14:Pope Francis: Peace In Korea Benefits Entire World (N)
14-Aug-14:Be Guardians Of Hope, Pope Francis Tells Korea's Bishops (N)
14-Aug-14:Pope Greets Father Of Youth Who Died But Dreamed Of Being Priest (N)
14-Aug-14:Italian Bishops Call On Faithful To Pray For Iraqi Christians (N)
14-Aug-14:Hundreds Attend Interreligious Prayer For Peace In Denver (N)
14-Aug-14:Aid To The Church In Need Pledges $1m To Aid Iraqi Christians (N)
14-Aug-14:En Route To Korea, Pope Prays For Journalists Killed In Gaza (N)
14-Aug-14:Vatican Diplomacy Focuses On Humanitarian Intervention In Iraq (N)
14-Aug-14:Korean Journalist Seeks To Spread Pope's Message Of Peace (N)
13-Aug-14:Pontifical Council Cor Unum Statement on Iraq (Z)
13-Aug-14:Pope's Telegram to Italian President (Z)
13-Aug-14:Pope's Letter to UN Secretary General on Dramatic Situation in Northern Iraq (Z)
13-Aug-14:Korean Concert for Pope's Visit Draws Global Audience in Rome (Z)
13-Aug-14:Daily Homily: As Captives They Shall Go Into Exile (Z)
13-Aug-14:Spanish Missionary Dies from Ebola Virus (Z)
13-Aug-14:Nigerian Cardinal Criticizes New Health Legislation (Z)
13-Aug-14:Knights of Columbus Offers Matching Gift Campaign to Support Iraqi Minorities (Z)
13-Aug-14:European Bishops to UN: Stop Atrocities in Iraq (Z)
13-Aug-14:Patriarch Sako of Baghdad Says US, EU, Arab Nations Must Help Iraq (Z)
13-Aug-14:Significant Change in Pope's Program (Z)
13-Aug-14:Pope Visits Santa Maria Maggiore (Z)
13-Aug-14:Pope Sends Letter to Ban Ki-Moon Calling on International Community to Act (Z)
13-Aug-14:Pope Leaves for South Korea (Z)
13-Aug-14:Franciscans Determined To Keep Christianity In Holy Land (N)
13-Aug-14:Students Of Benedict XVI To Discuss Theology Of The Cross At Encounter (N)
13-Aug-14:Death Penalty Suspended In Ohio As Lethal Drugs Questioned (N)
13-Aug-14:Knights Of Columbus Will Match Donations To Aid Persecuted Iraqis (N)
13-Aug-14:Robin Williams' Death Renews Call For Mental Health Attention (N)
13-Aug-14:Survey: Christian Supporters Of Gay Unions Show Other Moral Divisions (N)
13-Aug-14:Vatican Newspaper Remembers Robin Williams (N)
13-Aug-14:Vatican Official Calls For Military Protection Of Iraqi Christians (N)
13-Aug-14:Pope Francis Urges United Nations To Intervene In Iraq (N)
12-Aug-14:Feast of the Assumption: Humanity Upheld by God (Z)
12-Aug-14:Daily Homily: The Glory of the Lord Left the Threshold of the Temple (Z)
12-Aug-14:Nun-Nurse Dies of Ebola (Z)
12-Aug-14:Knights of Columbus Expanding to South Korea (Z)
12-Aug-14:Robert George Launches 'Iraq Rescue' Web Site (Z)
12-Aug-14:Oklahoma Governor Backs Archbishop in Condemning Black Mass (Z)
12-Aug-14:Religious Leaders in Uganda Demand Return of Anti-Homosexuality Law (Z)
12-Aug-14:Polish Bishops Defend Doctors' Right to Conscientious Objection (Z)
12-Aug-14:Campaigners Appeal to Pope to Draw Attention to North Korea (Z)
12-Aug-14:Declaration of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue on Iraq (Z)
12-Aug-14:Papal Envoy Leaves for Iraq Today (Z)
12-Aug-14:Church In Korea Is At Once Suffering And Missionary, Diplomat Says (N)
12-Aug-14:Faithful Drawn By Accessibility Of St. Clare, Basilica Priest Reflects (N)
12-Aug-14:Korean Faithful Show God Is 'Alive, Powerful' In Asia (N)
12-Aug-14:Religious Leaders Urge Obama To Help Minorities In Middle East (N)
12-Aug-14:Report Suggests Planned Parenthood May Defraud Taxpayers (N)
12-Aug-14:Pope Sends Message Of Joy, Hope To Korea Before Trip (N)
12-Aug-14:Do Not Fear The Call Of Jesus, Pope Says In Radio Interview (N)
11-Aug-14:Leader of Canada's Bishops Speaks of Francis' 2-Part Call: Be Missionaries to Family (Z)
11-Aug-14:Daily Homily: Speak My Words to the House of Israel (Z)
11-Aug-14:Leading Out of Double Darkness (Z)
11-Aug-14:UK Parliamentary Group Monitoring Persecution in Iraq (Z)
11-Aug-14:New Hospital Chaplaincy Guidelines Inadequate, Says Catholic Union of Great Britain (Z)
11-Aug-14:Cardinal Nichols: Events in Iraq Are Tyrannical, Horrendous, Akin to Genocide (Z)
11-Aug-14:Canada's Bishops, Dioceses Respond to Mideast Crisis (Z)
11-Aug-14:Patriarch Sako: Refugee Situation Escalating, U.S. Military Action Disappointing (Z)
11-Aug-14:Pope Briefs Papal Envoy Ahead of Visit to Iraq (Z)
11-Aug-14:Pope Sends Message of Condolence Following Iran Plane Crash (Z)
11-Aug-14:Pope to Italian Youth Organization: 'Make the World a Better Place' (Z)
11-Aug-14:Pope Francis Sends Video Message to Koreans (Z)
11-Aug-14:Archbishop Chaput on Law and Morality in Public Discourse (Z)
11-Aug-14:Pope's Angelus Address, Sunday, August 10th (Z)
11-Aug-14:Gospel Reading for Sunday, August 10th (Z)
11-Aug-14:Daily Homily: Ezekiel's Vision of the Glory of the Lord (Z)
11-Aug-14:Pastoral Strategies for the Church (Z)
11-Aug-14:Pope Francis: You Cannot Make War in the Name of God! (Z)
8-Aug-14:Communique of the Congregation for Eastern Churches on Situation in Iraq, Syria (Z)
8-Aug-14:Iraq's Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako: a Voice in the Desert (Z)
8-Aug-14:Sunday Homily: Truly, You Are the Son of God (Z)
8-Aug-14:Daily Homily: The Just Man, Because of His Faith, Shall Live (Z)
8-Aug-14:Denver Prelate to Host Interreligious Prayer for Peace Event (Z)
8-Aug-14:US Bishops Ask Parishes to Pray for Iraq on Aug. 17 (Z)
8-Aug-14:Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli: "Even If Only One Christian Remains, I Will Stay Here" (Z)
8-Aug-14:Cardinal Sandri: These Are Acts Against God, Against All Humanity (Z)
8-Aug-14:Cardinal Filoni to Represent Pope in Iraq Crisis (Z)
7-Aug-14:Statement on Iraq Made by Vatican Press Office Director on Behalf of Pope Francis (Z)
7-Aug-14:Daily Homily: It Is I Who Deal Death and Give Life (Z)
7-Aug-14:On Ecumenical Dialogue With Pentecostals (Z)
7-Aug-14:Bishop Named for Ukrainian Eparchy in Ohio (Z)
7-Aug-14:Official Web Site Launched for Pope's Visit to Philippines (Z)
7-Aug-14:Pope's Mass in Seoul: North Koreans Will Not Be Attending (Z)
7-Aug-14:Iraqi Patriarch Sends SOS After ISIS Takes Over Plain of Nineveh (Z)
7-Aug-14:Cardinal Mueller Stresses Need to Correct Misunderstanding of Church's Teachings on Marriage, Family (Z)
7-Aug-14:Vatican Briefs Press on Pope's Visit to South Korea Next Week (Z)
7-Aug-14:Pope Thanks Knights of Columbus for Supporting Families (Z)
6-Aug-14:Suspension Of Nicaraguan Maryknoll Priest Lifted (N)
6-Aug-14:Catholic Religious Brother Dies Of Ebola In Liberia (N)
6-Aug-14:Aid Workers Grateful For Gaza Ceasefire, But Remain Wary (N)
6-Aug-14:Do Not Become A Prisoner Of Fear, Nigerian Bishop Urges (N)
6-Aug-14:Catholic Groups Unite To Help Iraqis Ousted By Extremists (N)
6-Aug-14:Australia Mourns Cardinal Clancy, Former Sydney Archbishop (N)
6-Aug-14:Pope Will Meet With Survivors Of Korean Ferry Disaster (N)
6-Aug-14:European Pro-life Effort Petitions Court To Be Considered For Vote (N)
6-Aug-14:Brazil Catholic Community Leads Surging Charismatic Renewal (N)
6-Aug-14:Child Migrant Surge Originates In Traffickers' Lies, Bishop Says (N)
6-Aug-14:Tulsa Bishop Urges Prayer, Fasting In Response To Black Mass (N)
6-Aug-14:Campaign Seeks To Help Educate Escaped Nigerian Schoolgirls (N)
6-Aug-14:Three US States Back EWTN Religious Liberty Lawsuit (N)
6-Aug-14:Boston Cardinal Chides New Massachusetts Buffer Zone Law (N)
6-Aug-14:Pope Thanks Knights Of Columbus For Their Service, Charity (N)
6-Aug-14:Trust God's Love In Difficult Times, Bishop Counsels (N)
6-Aug-14:Marriage's Indissolubility A Dogma, Cardinal Clarifies (N)
6-Aug-14:Pope Francis To Give Live Radio Interview On Argentine Station (N)
6-Aug-14:Bring Jesus To Those Outside Church, Pope Tells Altar Servers (N)
6-Aug-14:Pope: Mercy, Compassion At Heart Of New Covenant (N)
5-Aug-14:Place Matters (Z)
5-Aug-14:Of Miracles and Atheists (Z)
5-Aug-14:August 5: Snow Fell on Rome (Z)
5-Aug-14:Daily Homily: The Mystery of the Transfiguration (Z)
5-Aug-14:India's Bishops to Observe 'Black Day' to Demand Justice for Dalit Christians, Muslims (Z)
5-Aug-14:French Bishops Visit Iraqi Christians (Z)
5-Aug-14:Leader of Iraq's Largest Christian Community Asks People to Join Aug. 6 Prayer Day (Z)
5-Aug-14:Catholic Schools, Firing Policies and Teacher Misconduct (Z)
5-Aug-14:Pope Lifts Suspension of Nicaraguan Priest (Z)
4-Aug-14:Education Crucial To Limiting Ebola Outbreak, Relief Agency Says (N)
4-Aug-14:Pakistani Catholics Foster Dialogue, Fellowship With Muslims (N)
4-Aug-14:Vietnamese Bishop Joyful To Lead, Evangelize New Flock (N)
4-Aug-14:Firing Of Polish Doctor Over Abortion Refusal Sparks Outcry (N)
4-Aug-14:Amid Resignation Calls, Minn. Archbishop Says He Will Stay (N)
4-Aug-14:University Of Mary Adds Bioethics Program To Roster (N)
4-Aug-14:Bishops Urge Conscience Protection For Child Welfare Agencies (N)
4-Aug-14:Sec. John Kerry Calls For Release Of Pastor In Iran (N)
4-Aug-14:Congressman Rips Administration's Silence On 'Genocide' In Iraq (N)
4-Aug-14:Provide For The Needs Of The Poor, Pope Exhorts (N)
4-Aug-14:Pope Francis Calls Spanish Convent For The Second Time (N)
4-Aug-14:Pope's Message to Gathering of European Scouts (Z)
4-Aug-14:UK Bishops Join in Promoting Prayer Day for Iraq (Z)
4-Aug-14:Daily Homily: I Will Restore the Tents of Jacob (Z)
4-Aug-14:Archbishop of Jos Speaks of Boko Haram, Living With Fear and Faith in Nigeria (Z)
4-Aug-14:More Towns Seized in Northwest Iraq (Z)
4-Aug-14:Bishop for UK Military: WWI Is Part of Every Family DNA (Z)
4-Aug-14:Vatican to Hold Thursday Briefing on Pope's Visit to South Korea (Z)
4-Aug-14:Jesuit Pope Marks Feast of Jesuit Saint Peter Favre (Z)
4-Aug-14:Pope Sends Condolences at Death of Archbishop Emeritus of Sydney (Z)
4-Aug-14:Pope to Young Scouts: Be Actors, Not Spectators in Your Lives (Z)
4-Aug-14:Pope's Angelus Address, Sunday, August 3rd (Z)
4-Aug-14:Daily Homily: By Breaking a Wooden Yoke, You Forge an Iron Yoke (Z)
4-Aug-14:Gospel Reading for Sunday, August 4th (Z)
4-Aug-14:Crisis in Religious Freedom (Z)
4-Aug-14:Pope: Multiplication of the Loaves is Not a Magic Trick, But A Sign of Trust in God's Providence (Z)
1-Aug-14:Catholic Charity To Hold Day Of Prayer For Peace In Iraq (N)
1-Aug-14:US Faithful Asked To See Humanity Of Child Migrants (N)
1-Aug-14:Religious Freedom Nominee's Record Prompts Worry (N)
1-Aug-14:Resolution Introduced To Protect Persecuted Christians In Iraq (N)
1-Aug-14:Mississippi Abortion Ruling Raises Questions Of Women's Health (N)
1-Aug-14:Catholic Artist Touches Hearts One Facebook Pic At A Time (N)
1-Aug-14:Vatican Announces Desire For More Restrained Sign Of Peace At Mass (N)
1-Aug-14:Pope Surprises Jesuits For Dinner On Feast Of Saint Ignatius (N)
1-Aug-14:Leader of Canada's Bishops Commemorates Start of WWI (Z)
1-Aug-14:Sunday Homily: They All Ate and Were Satisfied (Z)
1-Aug-14:Daily Homily: Jeremiah Does Not Deserve Death (Z)
1-Aug-14:Irish Bishop Proposes Driver's Prayer Leading Up to Holiday Weekend (Z)
1-Aug-14:Freed Sudanese Christian Woman Meriam Ibrahim Arrives In US (Z)
1-Aug-14:Bishops Back Bill That Would Protect Catholic Adoption Agencies (Z)
1-Aug-14:Australian Couple Rejects Surrogate Baby Born With Down's Syndrome (Z)
1-Aug-14:Global Day of Prayer for Peace in Iraq Set for Aug. 6 (Z)
1-Aug-14:Stepping Up Fight Against Human Trafficking at Core of Vatican Conference (Z)
1-Aug-14:Thoughtcrime in Sweden (Z)
1-Aug-14:Albanian Church Leaders Note Hopes for Pope's September Visit (Z)
1-Aug-14:Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? The Pope (Z)
31-Jul-14:Why in the Devil Does Pope Francis Speak So Much About the Prince of This World? (Z)
31-Jul-14:Cardinal-President of Caritas Speaks Out on Gaza Crisis (Z)
31-Jul-14:Daily Homily: The Priests and Prophets Laid Hold of Jeremiah (Z)
31-Jul-14:The Bread: A Sign of God's Compassion (Z)
31-Jul-14:Flaminia Giovanelli Says Revolution in Church Isn't Just That of Women, But of Laypeople (Z)
31-Jul-14:Cardinal O'Malley Recognizes Order of Nuns, 2 Laypeople for Pro-Life Work (Z)
31-Jul-14:Pope Thanks 14-Year-Old Irish Girl for Supporting Her Mother (Z)
31-Jul-14:UK's Supreme Court Makes Unprecedented Advances to Legalize Assisted Suicide (Z)
31-Jul-14:Vatican Publishes Highlights of Pope's Activities in 2nd Quarter of 2014 (Z)
31-Jul-14:Pope's Program for Albania Trip Released (Z)
31-Jul-14:124 Korean Martyrs To Be Beatified By Pope Next Month (N)
31-Jul-14:Giuseppe Canovai, A Roman Who Left A Community As His Legacy (N)
31-Jul-14:Papal Delegation Suspends Ordinations In Paraguay Diocese (N)
31-Jul-14:Critics: Global Religious Freedom Report Falls Short Of Action Needed (N)
31-Jul-14:LGBT Foundation Aims To Counter Vatican Family Synod (N)
31-Jul-14:Bishops' Charge To US Government: Help Iraqi Christians (N)
31-Jul-14:Working-class Marriage Rate Hurt By Weak Church Efforts (N)
31-Jul-14:Migration Fix Must Look At Big Picture, Bishop Encourages (N)
31-Jul-14:Protestors Slam Global Failure To Save Missing Nigerian Girls (N)
31-Jul-14:Abortion's Grim Reality May Explain 'Pro-choice' Label Drop (N)
31-Jul-14:Natural Family Planning Praised For Respecting Women, Nature (N)
31-Jul-14:Dates For Pope's Trip To Sri Lanka And Philippines Confirmed (N)
31-Jul-14:Pope Francis Issues Peace Plea To All Holy See Embassies (N)
31-Jul-14:Change Of Heart Toward Money Called Crucial In Trafficking Fight (N)
31-Jul-14:Christians A Fundamental Part Of Iraq, Ambassador Observes (N)
31-Jul-14:Vatican Releases Schedule For Pope's Trip To Albania (N)
30-Jul-14:Monsignor Foy of Toronto Remembers His 75 Years of Priesthood (Z)
30-Jul-14:ISIS Atrocity Underscores the Importance of Religious Freedom (Z)
30-Jul-14:Texas Bishops Ask Lawmakers for 'Time, Resources, Commitment' to Meet Needs of Refugee Children at Border (Z)
30-Jul-14:Daily Homily: Be Imitators of Me As I Am of Christ (Z)
30-Jul-14:Pregnancy Resource Center Reaches Mark of 2M People Helped (Z)
30-Jul-14:World Evangelical Alliance Responds to Papal Apology With Its Own (Z)
30-Jul-14:Firing Health Professionals Who Refuse to Abort Babies Is Watershed Moment for Europe (Z)
30-Jul-14:Funeral of Archpriest Emeritus of St. Peter's Basilica Takes Place This Morning (Z)
30-Jul-14:Vatican Publishes Highlights of Pope's Activities in 1st Quarter of 2014 (Z)
30-Jul-14:Holy See Asks Embassies to Take Peace to Heart (Z)
29-Jul-14:Pope's Dialogue With Priests in Caserta (Z)
29-Jul-14:Evangelical Pastor Giovanni Traettino's Words to Pope Francis in Caserta (Z)
29-Jul-14:Pope's Address to Pentecostal Community in Caserta (Z)
29-Jul-14:"What Prayer Does Not Dare to Ask" (Z)
29-Jul-14:Representative Asks Congress About Christians in Iraq: Does Washington Even Care? (Z)
29-Jul-14:Daily Homily: When I Found Your Words, They Became My Joy (Z)
29-Jul-14:Australian Bishops Note Challenge to Face Up to Damage Done to Creation (Z)
29-Jul-14:Spanish-language Bibles Donated to Refugee Children at Border (Z)
29-Jul-14:German Dioceses to Make Annual August Pilgrimage to Rome (Z)
29-Jul-14:Pope to Visit Sri Lanka and the Philippines in January 2015 (Z)
29-Jul-14:Refugees Remembered in Pope's August Prayer Intentions (Z)
29-Jul-14:Pope in Caserta Asks Forgiveness From Pentecostals (Z)
29-Jul-14:Thai Bishops' Seminar Focuses On Evangelization (N)
29-Jul-14:Pope Names New Bishop For Vietnam's My Tho Diocese (N)
29-Jul-14:India's Archdiocese Of Madurai Given New Bishop (N)
29-Jul-14:Pope Francis Visits With Evangelicals In Southern Italy (N)
29-Jul-14:Expert: Religious Freedom Pick Will Fail Without Resources (N)
29-Jul-14:'Amazing Parish' Movement Unites Clergy, Laity In Renewal (N)
29-Jul-14:Ariz. Inmate's Grueling Execution Lamented As Preventable (N)
29-Jul-14:Petition Calls On UN To Stop Christian Genocide In Iraq (N)
29-Jul-14:Court Allows 9/11 Cross To Remain Standing At Ground Zero (N)
28-Jul-14:UN Committee Criticized For Efforts To Push Abortion On Ireland (N)
28-Jul-14:Bishop Davies: Lourdes Shrine A Light Amid War, Death (N)
28-Jul-14:Rio Favela Continues To Reap Fruits From World Youth Day (N)
28-Jul-14:US Must Adapt Foreign Policy To Solve Migrant Crisis, Says Bishop (N)
28-Jul-14:Pope Francis To Meet With Evangelical Pastor (N)
28-Jul-14:Give Primacy To God, Pope Says (N)
28-Jul-14:Jesus Is The Great Treasure, Pope Teaches (N)
28-Jul-14:Communique From Family of Italian Jesuit Who Disappeared in Syria a Year Ago (Z)
28-Jul-14:Bishop Davies' Homily at Grotto of Lourdes, July 26th (Z)
28-Jul-14:Daily Homily: Jesus Told Martha, 'Whoever Believes in Me Will Live' (Z)
28-Jul-14:Pro-Life Campaigners Appeal to EU Court Over Vetoed Initiative (Z)
28-Jul-14:Archpriest Emeritus of St. Peter's Basilica Dies (Z)
28-Jul-14:Vatican Official on Visit to California Says Latin Church Must Support Eastern Churches Facing Violence (Z)
28-Jul-14:British Government Accused of Laying Foundation for Rise of Extremism in Iraq (Z)
28-Jul-14:Pope's Telegram on Death of Cardinal Marchisano (Z)
28-Jul-14:Pope's 2015 Philadelphia Visit Still to Be Confirmed (Z)
28-Jul-14:Pope Surprises on Private Visit to Caserta (Z)
28-Jul-14:Pope to Caserta's Priests: Creativiy and Unity Is Needed (Z)
28-Jul-14:Pope Gives New Interview Marking 500 Days of Pontificate (Z)
28-Jul-14:Pope Francis' Homily at Mass in Caserta (Z)
28-Jul-14:Pope Calls Patriarch Sako, Expresses His Closeness With Iraqi Christians (Z)
28-Jul-14:Pope's Angelus Address, Sunday July 27th (Z)
28-Jul-14:Archbishop of Aleppo, Syria: 'My People Are Suffering' (Z)
28-Jul-14:Gospel Reading for Sunday, July 27th (Z)
28-Jul-14:Daily Homily: I Will Announce What Has Lain Hidden (Z)
28-Jul-14:The New Evangelization (Z)
28-Jul-14:Pope Makes Heartfelt Appeal on Behalf of Child Victims of War (Z)
28-Jul-14:Pope at Caserta: How to Inherit the Kingdom of God (Z)
25-Jul-14:Ceasefire Signed In Central African Republic Conflict (N)
25-Jul-14:Violence In Nigeria Has 'No Boundaries' Now, Archbishop Says (N)
25-Jul-14:Pakistani Catholics, Muslims Cooperate To Extinguish Fire At Friary (N)
25-Jul-14:Holy See Calls For Immediate Ceasefire, Lasting Peace In Gaza (N)
25-Jul-14:New Auxiliary Bishop For US Syro-Malabar Eparchy Named (N)
25-Jul-14:EWTN To Open New Studio At Orange County Cathedral (N)
25-Jul-14:Federal Judge Strikes Down Colo. Marriage Defense Amendment (N)
25-Jul-14:Film: People With Same-sex Attraction Find Peace In Church (N)
25-Jul-14:Rubio: Economic Health Tied To Morality, Community (N)
25-Jul-14:Papal Visit To US Not Confirmed, But Archbishop Confident (N)
25-Jul-14:Pope Francis Lunches With Vatican Employees By Surprise (N)
25-Jul-14:Message of Propaganda Fide to AMECEA Plenary Assembly (Z)
25-Jul-14:English Bishops Condemn Persecution in Mosul (Z)
25-Jul-14:Book Recounts Plight of 'Prayer Workers' in Warsaw Uprising (Z)
25-Jul-14:Daily Homily: Jesus Saw James, the Son of Zebedee, and Called Him (Z)
25-Jul-14:The Hidden Pearl in our Daily Lives (Z)
25-Jul-14:Daily Homily: Let Us Praise Joachim and Anne (Z)
25-Jul-14:Sunday Homily: The Kingdom of Heaven (Z)
25-Jul-14:Mosul Prelates Call on 'People of Conscience' to Pressure Militants to End the Destruction (Z)
25-Jul-14:Caritas Jerusalem Director Appeals to Pope to Hold Prayer Vigil (Z)
25-Jul-14:Coin Commemorating Pope's First Asian Trip To Be Released in September (Z)
25-Jul-14:Australian Euthanasia Campaigner's Medical License Suspended 'to Protect Public Health' (Z)
25-Jul-14:Right to Religious Freedom Being Violated Universally, Says Lord Alton (Z)
25-Jul-14:Fr. Pizzaballa: Israel and Palestine Need Courageous Leaders Like the Pope (Z)
25-Jul-14:Pope Francis Gives New Interview (Z)
25-Jul-14:Pope Sends Message of Condolence Following Plane Crash in Northern Mali (Z)
25-Jul-14:Pope Francis Prays for Success of Ordinariate's Exploration Day (Z)
25-Jul-14:Pope Gets in Line at Vatican Canteen (Z)
24-Jul-14:Palestinian Ambassador: War Against Gaza Is War Against 2-State Solution (Z)
24-Jul-14:Bishop Shomali Says Situation in Gaza 'Literally Deteriorating' (Z)
24-Jul-14:Iraqi Bishops Make Urgent Appeal to Country's Political Leaders (Z)
24-Jul-14:Meriam Ibrahim Arrives in Rome (Z)
24-Jul-14:Christians in Turkey: An Unmatched Legacy (Z)
24-Jul-14:Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland Briefs Pope Francis (Z)
24-Jul-14:Pope Sends Message of Condolence Following Taiwan Plane Crash (Z)
24-Jul-14:Pope Sends Message for 50th Anniversary of St. Pantaleon Shrine in Buenos Aires (Z)
24-Jul-14:Pope Francis Meets Meriam Ibrahim at Vatican (Z)
24-Jul-14:Iraqi Abbot Calls For Action To Ensure Local Christians' Future (N)
24-Jul-14:John Paul I's Beatification Cause May Advance, Cardinal Says (N)
24-Jul-14:El Salvador Youth Saved From Violence By Music (N)
24-Jul-14:Church Response To Refugees Is Part Of Pro-life Call, Bishop Says (N)
24-Jul-14:Soaring Student Debt Sparks Response From Catholic Colleges (N)
24-Jul-14:Meriam Ibrahim Lands In Rome, Meets With Pope Francis (N)
23-Jul-14:Statement by Bishop John McAreavey on the Middle East (Z)
23-Jul-14:Holy See Addresses UN on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Z)
23-Jul-14:Leader of US Bishops Urges Brothers to Join With Pope in Prayer for Troubled Areas (Z)
23-Jul-14:Grand Chamber to Decide on Case of Iranian Convert to Christianity Seeking Asylum (Z)
23-Jul-14:Irish Bishops Plea for Peace in Middle East (Z)
23-Jul-14:Papal Astronomer: Real Science Is Not the Realm of Atheists or Egoists (Z)
23-Jul-14:Archbishop Sleiman: Real Actors in Iraq Are Foreign Governments and Big Oil (Z)
23-Jul-14:US Bishops Urge Administration to Seek Israel-Hamas Ceasefire (Z)
23-Jul-14:French Daily Suggests West's Silence Is Persecuting Iraqi Christians (Z)
23-Jul-14:Bishops: Obama's Executive Order on Discrimination 'Implements Discrimination' (Z)
23-Jul-14:Soccer Players to Participate in "Match for Peace" in September in Rome (Z)
23-Jul-14:Syria's Christian Exodus (Z)
23-Jul-14:Lord Alton: The World Must Respond to Cry of Iraq's Christians (Z)
23-Jul-14:Pope Telephones Patriarch to Express Solidarity With Iraqi Christians (Z)

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